Detailing our history of updates, in descending order
Note: Some links may be outdated and not functional


June 28: Just a note to say that if you have sent me an e-mail and I have not responded, you have my apologies. I appreciate your e-mails, and regret that I haven't had the time to respond or to post any of the pictures and insights you all have sent me! Don't worry, this site will not be abandoned; it may have gone into hiding like the Old Narnians, but a new day is coming and it will eventually be better than ever. But in the interim, thanks for your patience!

I have at least updated the Exhibits pages, to remove outdated information, and to reflect the new touring dates for the Narnia exhibit, which is now in Kansas City.


July 31: We're back up! Most of Susan's sections have image updates. Also, I've added a shot of Prunaprismia's coronation dress, along with kristinamy's exhibit sketch and notes. Also put up a couple of Mrulockia's video game screencaps of her gray blue night gown.

Also, the Jadis page has been updated with a picture and video of an interesting Alexander McQueen dress that Chase pointed out, an obvious influence on the final Jadis design. Check it out.

July 22: Apologies for the lapse in updates. Early this month, my (the webmaster's) computer crashed and I lost a lot of time—and the ability to conveniently update the site for the time being. But hopefully, come August, updates will begin again, starting with quite a few new images, some of them high resolution—and shiny.

June 12: Some exhibit news: 7chronicles's Narnia exhibit report from the opening in Arizona mentions the costumes displayed, so I've compiled them and listed them with the exhibit information. Again, photography isn't allowed, but do take notes! There are some costumes there that we've only barely seen, like Prunaprismia's coronation dress.

Also, June 27th has been set for the Disney's Hollywood Studios exhibit opening. Pictures appreciated!

June 8: We've added some new screencaps that include Peter's, Susan's, Edmund's, and Lucy's coronation outfits, thanks to Mrulockia—as she finished the video game and screencapped these clips for us!

Also added a rough color touch-up copy of one of the Prunaprismia farewell exhibit shots, to try to reflect the true blue color scheme rather than the exhibit's poor orange lighting.

June 1: Added two lovely sketches by Meltintalle to Lucy's farewell dress section. Also added the almost 50 high-res exhibit shots of Susan's green archery dress and cloak that your webmaster took on vacation. You can check them out on Susan's page or on the Disney's Hollywood Studios exhibits gallery page.

May 30: Finally back and only beginning to catch up, considering there are so many new costumes in the film of which we have no images! Starting with Prunaprismia, we have her birthing gown, the soldiers return gown, coronation gown, and her farewell gown, which includes a couple of El Capitan exhibit pictures!

We also have updates for almost everyone's new favorite, Susan's farewell gown, with a new section added for sketches. Also, Lucy's green farewell dress has a write-up. Miraz has also been updated with new and reorganized outfits.

And there are fifteen new high-res promo shots of Susan's battle outfit now up, two shots of her night raid outfit, one of her purple dress, and a high-res promo shot of Miraz's coronation outfit.

May 8: Just a few of the recent high-res images are now up. We also have some exhibit updates: there are Telmarine lord costumes on display both at an IMAX theater in South Korea, and at Disney's Hollywood Studios in Orlando, along with Miraz's armor, helmet and brigandine.

Your costume studier and updater will be in Disney World for the next two weeks, photographing the costumes there. No new updates until the end of May, after Prince Caspian's US release!

May 3: More new images and upates: Susan's Night Raid outfit, Peter's and Edmund's battle outfits, Caspian's main outfit/shirt, and another (night?) gown of Prunaprismia's. Also, I've done a big update on Susan's Gifts page, for Prince Caspian particularly.

April 30: Another batch of images: two high-res production shots, some trailer caps, and a few foreign posters. We see some of Peter and Edmund in their night raid outfits and first Narnian outfits, Susan in her battle outfit, Lucy in her red outfit, Caspian's battle outfit, and Miraz's armor. We also have a low-quality back and side shot of Susan's farewell dress!

April 28: We have some updates on Caspian's Farewell outfit page and Main outfit page, including a good shot of the side/back of the embroidery on his white shirt. There are also a few new screenshots from video game sites of a deleted scene of Cornelius and Caspian, now on Caspian's new Stargazing Outfit page.

We have some great new info on the traveling Narnia Exhibit presented by the Becker Group, which premieres in Phoenix on June 7, and will have over fifty costumes, though photography will not be allowed. Check the Exhibits page for details.

The scrapbook has been organized into a few different sections, with thumbnails for previous entries that have working links. Do check your entry to see that your picture links still work, and please contact us with replacements!

Also updated: info on Lucy's shoes, and higher res versions of images we previously had: Susan's battle dress, Edmund's battle outfit, Peter's Night Raid outfit, Cornelius, Nikabrik, and Glenstorm.

April 16: We are happy to announce that we now have the submission page for our scrapbook, The Costume Chronicles, open and running! If you haven't already, submit your Narnian costume for other fans to see.

We have two new images from, with some small shots of costumes for which we already have write-ups: Susan's and Caspian's coronation outfits, and Peter's and Caspian's farewell outfits.

You will notice some changes on the side index: Scrapbook now has its own spot, and Reference has changed to the more precise Exhibits and Interviews.

April 12: Some updates for Cornelius, with new images, and image updates for Susan's night raid and battle pages, Lucy's gold dress and red outfit, Peter's night raid outfit, Ed's battle outfit, Sopespian, Glozelle, Miraz, Glenstorm, Trumpkin, Nikabrik, Wimbleweather, and the wer-wolf. Some of these are from, others from PDF downloads. We also have an updated write-up for Susan's cuirass.

April 9: Updates on the pages for Miraz, Cornelius, Caspian's shirt, and Susan's night raid outfit, primarily with new images from the movie surfers clip. We've also added some embroidery sketches from Louise on Lucy's red outfit page, and her blue dress from LWW, which has a long-overdue update.

Also, as of yesterday, this is our third year on the internet!

April 1: We have a large Prince Caspian update: his index is now split up and organized according to costume. There are a few updates spread throughout.

We also have confirmation from the Illustrated Movie Companion (which comes out today) about what we earlier thought was Caspian's Telmarine outfit—he actually wears it after his coronation, during a farewell scene with the Pevensies. Susan also has a new dress in this sequence! We have a write-up and a colored tracing but no images, sorry. We know that Peter has a new outfit here, too (probably with that unidentified shirt), so it's likely that Edmund and Lucy do as well.

March 27: With the release of the movie storybook, we have some picture-less updates. We can't scan and post the images because of copyrights, unfortunately, but do try to purchase the movie storybook at your local Christian bookstore! It officially releases April 1, along with the official movie companion, which will have a costumes section.

For now, we have new sections for Susan's coronation dress—including a tracing and a sketch for those who can't get ahold of the book yet—Lucy's gold treasure chamber dress, her coronation dress, and Peter's and Caspian's coronation outfits. Also see updated breakdowns of Lucy's red dress, Susan's purple dress, and night raid outfit.

March 22: A long over-due images update. New shots include images of Peter, Susan, and Edmund in their night raid outfits, Lucy in her red dress, a new gold dress that she holds up to herself in the treasure chamber, exhibit images of Peter's and Caspian's battle outfits, and a new costume for Miraz. We also have an updated breakdown of Susan's battle outfit.

And some exhibit updates. The dates for the El Capitan theatre exhibit and movie showing are out—you can view a scan of the brochure here. Also, NarniaWebber BookLover found that Disney-Hollywood Studios in Orlando, Florida now has Susan's green archery dress from LWW on display! See a picture of that on Su's page. High-res pictures are appreciated if you vacation there! See the Reference page for details of where to find the dress.

Also, we have confirmation that Caspian's newest outfit is not his coronation outfit. NarniaWebber fantasia_kitty caught an early glimpse of an image in the movie storybook (which releases April 1) that shows the real coronation outfit, which is a light tan. She's also pretty sure that there were images of the Pevensies in new coronation outfits as well.

March 7: Now the behind-the-scenes clip is officially online, so we can post the pictures we had. See Caspian in an early Telmarine outfit, Peter in an unidentified blue shirt, Miraz and Prunaprismia in their night clothes (during the night raid sequence), Trumpkin, and a better look at Sopespian and Glozelle. Check back in a week for more updates after spring break.

March 4: Six great new promo images of Peter and Edmund in their night raid outfits (replacing the cardboard cut-out images), and also Susan in her battle outfit, Lucy in her red dress, Caspian in his battle outfit, and Glenstorm. Also, check out some pictures NarniaWebber icarus found of Lord Donnon, a film-only character with an excellent costume. We also have an updated breakdown of Susan's purple dress.

February 29: NarniaWebber icarus pointed out a picture of the action figure Cornelius which gives a good shot of the costume he wears during the night raid. We also have some very good images from the same source, of cardboard Peter and Edmund in their Night Raid outfits. Cornelius, Peter, and Edmund all have page updates as well.

It's now apparent that Edmund wears the same shirt and blue velvet tunic under the jerkin and armor for the night raid. Also, the tabs on Peter's and Edmund's jerkins? Straps from the buckles that close the front.


February 28: A couple of small updates today: an updated breakdown of Peter's first Narnian outfit in PC, his brown velvet tunic, and Danceler's updated version of the embroidery on Susan's red battle dress. Also, we have a new feature to the right hand side: a gallery of the ten images last added!

February 26: We have a whole slew of new, fantastically high-res images from Shootastic. Check them out in their locations: Peter's brown Narnia outfit, Susan's purple dress and battle outfit, Edmund's blue tunic, Lucy's red dress, Trumpkin, and Caspian's battle outfit. These are fabric-fiber enormous, so dial-up users beware! Updated breakdowns coming soon. Check out the discussion ongoing at the Costumes forum.

February 17: Added an update of Cornelius' costumes, and update of Lucy's red dress, which now has its own page, the latter by Meltintalle, a new costume site contributor!

We've also added a few new images from the educator's guide: one of Lucy in her red dress, two of Caspian, one of Miraz, and two of Doctor Cornelius, our first good glimpses of him!

February 7: Updated breakdown of Susan's battle dress page.

February 3: We have some new images from the Prince Caspian superbowl ad, in Caspian's, Peter's, Lucy's, and Susan's battle dress section, and for the hag, the werewolf, and Wimbleweather. Some are new, some are just crisper versions of shots we already had from the teaser trailer.

January 24: Some Caspian updates. We also now have a large patterns suggestion page for Lucy's and Susan's Narnia costumes!

January 23: Susan's Prince Caspian dresses now have their own pages. Though there are no new images, we do have much higher resolution versions of this purple dress image and this battle image.

We've added some great images, though in the section for Lucy's Lamppost Dress in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Check out the amazing detail on the smocking in the first image!


anuary 8: Several characters now have their own pages: Trumpkin, Nikabrik, Doctor Cornelius, Wimbleweather, Glenstorm, the hag, and the werewolf. Most are, from a lack of images, just gathering places as more images come out. Also, we now have an early embroidery pattern for Susan's red battle dress!


anuary 6: Caspian's page now has a separate study for his brigandine.

January 5: Progress on Caspian's page, including teaser trailer images and a new shirt study page!


December 28: Write-ups of Peter's and Edmund's velvet tunics and night raid outfits have been added. A few small updates in Susan's and Lucy's sections, including the new book cover images.

December 22: Update of Lucy's page with high resolution trailer screencaps, and updated write-ups on her school uniform and rust-red dress. Discuss at the thread in the Costumes forum!

December 10: Updated Peter's, Susan's, and Edmund's Prince Caspian pages with new high resolution trailer screencaps. Also, we have some new material on Susan's three dresses: her purple dress, her night raid outfit, and her battle outfit.

December 4: Plenty of updates will be coming with the release of the teaser trailer! Coming soon now released at!

For now, image updates for Caspian's battle ouftit, the children's battle outfits, and our first image of Trumpkin!

Those Disney World-bound should note that the LWW walk-through exhibit at Disney-MGM Studios (soon to be Disney's Hollywood Studios) will be closed January 2 to May 23, 2008 for refurbishment; likely rehauling it for Prince Caspian's release.

November 20: We have a new image with high-res details of Caspian's white shirt, which has given us a few new bits for the page. Also, be sure to check out's new text blog on costume design, by Isis Mussenden.


November 8: A great run-down on Miraz's Armor has been added.

October 20: Currently, this site is looking for a Narnia costumes-loving person who would love to help out with the site. See this page for a little more information.

We have some new high-res exhibit images of Lucy's Lamppost Dress, Oreius' weapons, Jadis' Battle garb, and Jadis' Deep Magic regalia taken at Disney-MGM Studios. We've also updated Jadis' battle garb page and Lucy's lamppost page, and added an excellent rampant lion embroidery template sent to us by Lorenzo. Also, we have two new costume concept pieces of Miraz.

October 2: Check out glumPuddle's new set report on costumes! We have some site updates here as well, including adding another Susan dress, the inclusion of glumPuddle's notes on Bacchus, Silenus and Doctor Cornelius, and some details on Lucy's red dress, from the new poster.

August 16: New pages and images for Susan's and Lucy's dresses in Prince Caspian. Our side menu has been reworked for Prince Caspian, with lists for Telmarines and Narnians.

Additionally, we have some tidbits on Miraz's armor, and some construction updates. We also have a Caspian pattern work area now!

August 4: We now have a research page up with 23 new screencaps of Prince Caspian himself! Keep a look out for more pages and changes this month.

In the meantime, check out the Ben Barnes Production Blog at! Download the iPod version and view through Quicktime player to see a larger resolution version.

July 24: Prince Caspian movie updates on the Caspian page: also see the Telmarine soldiers and the children's school clothes!

Additionally, we have a few tidbits from NarniaWebber glumPuddle's set report about Glenstorm's garb in Prince Caspian, as well as Narnian armor for the new film.

March 9: Expansive update of Susan's Green Archery dress page! We also have some pictures that seem to be Georgie in costume on horseback. See those at our new Prince Caspian Costumes updates page.

February 8: Yes, it really has been that long! Only some scrapbook updates for the time being.


October 11: Huge centaur update - detailed outlines of female centaurs, male centaur swordsmen and lancemen, and General Oreius. Quite a few new screencaps.

July 17: Narnia costumes will be at Comic-Con on July 22! Reports and photos, quotes from costume designers, etc., much appreciated.

"Saturday, July 22: 4:30-6:00 The Costume Designers Guild: Costume Centric Session 3— The Costume Designers Guild concludes its three-part series on costume design and its profound influence on world culture. In this final session, CDG president Deborah Nadoolman Landis (Raiders of the Lost Ark) will host Isis Mussenden (The Chronicles of Narnia, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe), Mary Vogt (Men in Black 1 & 2, Fantastic Four 2), and Judianna Makovsky (Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone, X-Men 3) in a discussion about designing for the big screen. Comic-Con attendees will have the rare opportunity to hear from costume designers and see the sketches, fabrics, costumes, and film clips from some the most influential productions of the last five years. Room 2"

July 15: Rumblebuffin screencaps; Tumnus' coronation scarf; more Lucy Coronation screencaps; new White Witch construction screencaps and notes. And several grand Adult Pevensies screencaps, and a write-up of Adult Peter.

Also, a treat - a high resolution remaster of the rampant lion pattern. It can also be downloaded from the Peter and Edmund pages. Many thanks to Stephen Arsenault for sending this to us!

June 8: New page and images for dryads! Scrapbook updates.

May 5: Adult Peter, Susan, and Lucy updates, with Cherie's FIDM exhibit notes!

Narnia has received two Saturn awards, in Costumes and Makeup. Certainly well-deserved; a big hand to Isis Mussenden, Howard Berger, Greg Nicotero, and Nikki Gooley!

Scrapbook update.

April 30: Own a piece of Narnia! The Beaver's table setting and a furnished tent from Aslan's camp are each up for auction through E-bay. Thanks to Griffle for pointing it out!

April 24: A recent article on the historical accuracy of costume design. Isis Mussenden and the choice to depart from the Baynes' illustrations in favor of better 40s accuracy is mentioned amongst other amongst other period films.

Scrapbook update.

April 17: Thanks to Cynthia, who's sent in more pictures from the MGM Studios exhibit, including several of the Deep Magic Regalia. Visit the Gallery to view all of them.

April 16: The Photobox updates are finally complete with the addition of a some Lucy images. Also, enjoy our new feature available through the Reference page: a collected Exhibit Picture Gallery!

April 9: It's our one year anniversary! Enjoy the new look! It's been a long year; check out our update archive, listing updates back to April 8 of 2005.

Also, a White Witch battle dress update; fabulous new high resolution exhibit images, thanks to Cynthia!

April 5: The DVD released yesterday! We'll be taking a valuable though not excessive amount of screencaps, especially for the adult Pevensies, so keep watching.

March 24: Susan updates: Hide and Seek, Play Clothes.

March 22: Peter Coronation update; several new details from large images. Susan Bomb Shelter dress write-up, extensive Traveling Clothes update.

March 20: Long time with no update; check out the new Giants page, including Rumblebuffin! Quite a few Peter updates: a new write-up for his Bomb Shelter Outfit and Hide and Seek Clothes, and updated Play Clothes and Camp Jerkin!

February 28: Congratulations to Isis Mussenden, who took home the Excellence in Fantasy Film Award for her work in Narnia from the Costume Designer Guild Awards on Saturday! Read more

February 19: Adult Peter, Susan, and Lucy updates; only pictures for Peter and Lucy, temporarily. Lucy's Coronation gown extensive update! Exhibit note: Costumes are on display at a tram ride at Disneyland Paris!

February 12: More Photobox image updates: Edmund is complete and Lucy's begun. We also have a final report on which costumes are displayed at FIDM.

February 9: More exhibit info, including both Disney exhibits and an early report from FIDM. We're officially asking for exhibit pictures, so if you have any, send them in!

February 7: A few updates to Susan's Archery dress, including shoes and possible inspiration. Keep watching for the mystery of the Ruffled Underdress!

February 4: FIDM has listed Narnia as a part of their 14

th annual Art of Motion Picture Costume Design exhibit! Read more. In other news, Narnia has received an Academy Award nomination for Makeup.


January 28: Peter Armor update including images, mostly to do with his helmet.

Edmund updates: auburn Camp Clothes, and Coronation Tunic and cape! Susan Coronation Gown update.

January 22: Contest winners have been notified. Congratulations to them, and thank you to everyone who entered! Scrapbook entries continue to be accepted.

Selected Edmund updates, including a new page for his Armor. Information and pictures for the El Capitan Theatre exhibit.

January 21: Scrapbook update! Congrats to all the entries. We will be picking the four random scarf contest winners. You will know by Monday!

January 17: The Stansborough scarf contest is now officially closed. Please check back for the announcement of our winners!

January 15: One of our biggest White Witch updates; all dresses updated, a final list of transformations, new high resolution pictures, and exhibit notes!

January 4: Peter update, with two of the costumes on new pages. Also a brand-new Reference page, with interviews and exhibit information.

January 3: All Susan pages have been updated with rare high-resolution images, courtesy the Photobox. Look for similar updates on other characters soon!


December 27: A myriad of armor and weaponry updates: Peter's Armor, Peter's Gifts, Susan's Gifts, Edmund's Armor, Lucy's Gifts, and Red Dwarf bows and quivers

December 20: Check out our new scrapbook feature, the Costume Chronicles! And to celebrate its release, we're giving away 4 Stansborough scarves - see the Contest Details for more!

December 18: Long time, no update! We've been frantically researching and comparing notes; visit our Forum for the latest. In the meantime, a long-overdue and extensive update on Susan's Green Archery Dress.

November 30: Adult Edmund pictures; plus Lucy's Robe, Blue Camp Dress and Red Cloak updates.

In Armor news, this Movie Surfer Segment goes inside Weta (spoilers!), and IGN has published in-depth "anatomies" of both Minotaurs and Centaurs

November 24: The Wardrobe Door interviews Isis Mussenden - read our exclusive interview with the costume designer for Walden Media's The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe!

November 18: Russian site has published an interview with LWW costume designer Isis Mussenden. Fortunately, the interview is in English and proves to be very revealing. Download the Word file here.

Also Father Christmas and Red Dwarf additions.

November 11: NarniaWebber Coracle reviews Stansborough product line - read her report!

November 5: Brief Cloaks page added to Mrs. Beaver's, including a Quick Cape tutorial

November 1: Peter update, including his Coronation Tunic and Cape. Check out Stansborough's authentic Narnia products, released today, including Dwarf tunics and scarves, Centaur scarves, and Mister Tumnus' scarf!

October 28: White Witch concept page, Professor Kirke and Mrs. Macready page.

October 26: Extensive White Witch update, including a new dress, new images and new info, especially for the Polar Battle Garb!

October 25: I stopped this afternoon to look at the Official Movie Companion released today. Wow. What a great resource, filled with excellent unseen glossies, and there's a whole chapter on costuming! Mine's on order now!

October 23: Watch the new full-length trailer, released on Friday on!

October 20: 8 new promo images of White Witch's Ice Gown, Smoke Lavendar Gown, and Battle Helm; Fur Coats; Ginarrbrik; Oreius; Mr. Tumnus and a satyr.

October 17: Better late then never! Two weeks from Halloween and less than two months from the movie, we finally have the beginnings of a construction section:
Mrs. Beaver's Sewing Machine!

October 11: Philo ~ Armor consultant Molly and I were at the Narnia Sneak Peek today in Wheaton, IL, where we saw some amazing new pictures plus actual armor and props from the film. Here's just one image comparing a White Witch costume sketch with the final gown (I think it's probably the ice gown). Anyway, expect more pictures and write-ups toward this weekend!

October 8: A crisp, full-length image of Susan's Coronation Gown; also a behind-the-scenes shot from the same scene.

September 27: New swatches, direct from Stansborough weavers!

September 14: Susan's Coronation write-up! Also, October's Teen Vogue has a two-page spread of the 4 children dressed psuedo-Narnian, with pieces of their coronation outfits mixed with modern garb. Kinda strange!

September 13: Centaurs and Dwarfs updates - Ginarrbrik, black dwarfs, new centaur image. Susan and Lucy cloaks image.

September 5: Updates one all of the Pevensies' gifts, including a new writeup on Rhindon, Peter's Sword

September 3: 35 new images were added the other day on NarniaWeb, then promptly taken down! They're promised back next week, though, and in the meantime we've updated the Pevensie galleries from the 8/23 release

August 31: White Witch page updates, including a new page concerning hair, weapons, accessories, and makeup!

August 30: Hurrah for the debut of our very own Costume Forum on NarniaWeb this weekend! Join the discussion

August 23: Wow! More than 20 new Narnia stills are being downloaded to NarniaWeb's image gallery this morning as I type! Keep watching!

August 18: Multiple White Witch page updates, including one large magazine scan from! Split of two dresses originally thought to be the same, one possibly new dress. Check it out!

August 17: Lucy's Cordial and Gifts: images and description

August 12: Gorgeous new images from the Total Film article - 2 full-length of the White Witch's Snow Gown and 1 closeup from her Battle dress! Descriptions updated accordingly. Also, it appears Disney will soon be coming out with a ready-made WW costume (we'll let you be the judge of its accuracy)!

August 9: A full-length image of Susan's Archery Dress, from New detailed computer art of Edmund's shield, sent in by NarniaWebber Edmund.

July 31: A contribution of a theory concerning the structure of Jadis' Smoke Lavendar Gown.

July 26: Many updates: We have some great new images from Walden's new Narnia site, and from the newly released Chapter IV: Story. Images and new info added throughout Pevensies. Play Clothes details, from the teaser trailer, Edmund's Auburn tunic, Susan's and Lucy's cloaks. Jadis' Smoke Lavendar Gown, and several new bits on her Deep Magic Regalia and the Polar Battle Dress. Quotes from Isis Mussenden in Threads.

July 20: The fourth featurette is up! Right now, we have no screencaps, but as soon as we do we'll have some updates. See Threads for details!

July 15: ComicCon statue of Jadis!

July 2: Edmund's Armor! Redone centaurs page, new images of Ginarrbrik, two new images of note, on the Witch's Snow Gown.

June 25: White Witch updates: several new images, lending more insight.

June 24: Peter's Shield!

June 16: About time? Peter's Burgundy Jerkin!

June 4th: Great new article on Thistle Hill Weavers, a custom mill that provided period fabrics for the film. New pic of Lucy's Train Coat fabric, too, and Ed's Hide and Seek write-up!

June 3: Obsessive update on Lucy's Lamppost Dress, also [very] minor note on Peter's train coat fabric

June 2: Extensively updated fauns page, including more on Tumnus and warrior fauns. Also, new update archive.

May 27: New Dwarfs page, including Red Dwarfs, Black Dwarfs, and Ginarrbrik!

May 24: White Witch expansions and updates

May 19: The trailer's been released in front of Star Wars today, still haven't seen it! New prop pictures at NarniaWeb, and Susan's Archery now has its own page

May 13: Brand-new interview with Tilda Swinton, as well as the following trailer updates:

As of today, I've added galleries for the White Witch's Ice Prison and Deep Magic gowns, with a write-up for the Deep Magic gown and edited write-up on the Polar Gown. The Pevensies' pages have been updated extensively, with a new Coronation Robes image, galleries and write-up of their Train clothes, a Narnian dress for Lucy and Peter's Narnian Tunic. Obviously, I still have a lot to do - expect revisions to the Faun and Centaur pages and continued expansions for the rest. Thanks for your patience, and again thank you for all your feedback! ~ Philo

May 10: Gradually adding screencaps, edits and write-ups from trailer - will give a full report when done

May 8: The trailer is UP! Go to to see it!
(Happy Mother's Day, moms!)

Midnight, May 7: Waiting for the trailer . . . also, updated descriptions of Lucy's Lamppost dress and Edmund's Cricket clothes, various galleries added

April 26: Lucy's Lamppost Dress (concept art) and her Train Beret write-ups! Check out Pevensies

April 23: Trailer Coming on May 7th!

Finally we will have some costume "meat;" trailer/teaser for The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is releasing on May 7th. It's also being released on the upcoming Star Wars movie.

We'll have costume research and write ups shortly after - and hopefully screencaps - as soon as we can get them!

April 22: Updates based on

We now have a few new updates, as well as a split of the Narnia section: Centaurs and Fauns have their own pages now! We've figured out that the WETA Peter is not really Peter, but a centaur, and confirmed the cloaked figures as Susan and Lucy!

April 19: Official Narnia Site update!

Disney has re-vamped the official movie site, and it's spectacular! They have lots of stuff up there; with great pictures of dwarf, centaur, and faun armor and the Pevensies' gifts in the "Movie>The Props" section. Keep checking back here in the next few days for analysis!

April 18: Susan and Lucy Cloak "Debate"

April 10: Pevensie Cricket Clothes Descriptions, Faun Shield Detail

April 8: Launch of Costume Site!