Tying it all together

~ updated February 9, 2006

So what's going on right now?

Most of us are going back for our fifth and sixth film viewing, and still taking notes, especially on the adult costumes. We're asking for those who live near the costume exhibits going on, and take a look at the exhibit pictures and new high-resolution images to study to replace out-of-date material on the Narnians and Pevensies pages.

Meanwhile, join the discussion in our Costume Forum of NarniaWeb!

Eventual Updates

  • Pevensies ~ Bomb Shelter, Hide-and-Seek, Night Clothes, Adult, and some heavy Coronation work

  • Centaur tunics, especially female

  • Dryads, Rumblebuffin the Giant, Mermaids
  • Mister Tumnus' scarves
  • Construction ~ pattern updates

  • Scrapbook ~ keep up the submissions!

  • Sitemap

As spring and summer come, we hope to include:

  • Ideas on how to reproduce traditional costume concepts from Pauline Baynes' illustrations as well as other artists' renditions

  • Thoughts/rumors on Prince Caspian

  • A look at the BBC dramas' costumes


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And, of course, we wouldn't be here if it weren't for the producers of the film, and Weta working at the armor and Isis Mussenden on costumes!