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Photo Gallery - View pictures from the various exhibits. If you have any costume or prop images of Narnia exhibits, particularly detailed images, we'd love to put them up and and credit you accordingly.

To send us exhibit images or to give us more information on these or other exhibits, please contact us.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Exhibition (Next stop, Montreal Exhibition Centre from June 3rd to August 29th, 2010. At the same time, it will be in Jacksonville, FL, May 15, 2010 – Sept 12, 2010. Then Huntsville, AL, on October 9, 2010.)

Unfortunately, photography is not allowed, but 7chronicles' report describes some of the costumes and props present, which are in order:

LWW: Peter's, Susan's, Edmund's and Lucy's LWW play clothes, Ginarrbrik's battle outfit, one of Jadis' dresses, many sized versions of Jadis' crown.

PC: Susan's treasure chest (with her purple dress inside, probably), Caspian's main outfit, sword, and Susan's horn, Lord Sopespian's council costume, Miraz's and Prunaprismia's coronation costumes, Miraz Jr.'s baby outfit, Trumpkin and Nikabrik, Caspian's, Peter's, Susan's and Edmund's battle outfits, Lucy's red dress, gifts from Father Christmas, Edmund's shield, Glozelle's, Sopespian's, and Miraz's battle outfits, Caspian's coronation outfit and the Pevensies' LWW crowns.

See 7chronicles' report, the NarniaWeb article here, the press release here, and my report from Clayton Ferguson's presentation at Narnia Night 2008.

This is an international traveling exhibit, so keep checking back to see if it will be in your area; when we get news on further locations, we will update here. And while you can't take exhibit pictures for us, costume notes and sketches are much appreciated, especially on costumes where we lack pictures and details.

Walt Disney Studios Archives (Burbank, CA) - Prince Caspian's battle outfit is apparently in the main lobby along with other Disney memorabilia and costumes. See this page.

Disney World's Disney-Hollywood Soundstage Four (Orlando, FL), "Journey to Narnia: Prince Caspian" - Opened June 27, 2008. Rumored to be closing in May 2010, but no official word yet. Includes the costume Caspian wears when he flees the Castle, Miraz's Court Scene Outfit, Susan's and Peter's Battle Outfits, Lucy's red dress and Edmund's blue outfit. Jadis' wand is also on display, carried over from the LWW exhibit. The "experience" includes a recreation of the stone table chamber inside Aslan's How, and until recently, a meet-and-greet with Prince Caspian. See Past Exhibits for information on costumes this exhibit had in its LWW incarnation.

Disney World's Disney's Hollywood Studios The Great Movie Ride (Orlando, FL) - As of March 2008, queuing area for this ride houses Susan's green archery dress and cloak! Images here and on Susan's archery dress page.

Disney World's Disney's Hollywood Studios Backlot Tour (Orlando, FL) - As of March 2008, the drop-off point on this ride, the Villains You Love to Hate exhibit, still features Jadis' battle garb and her chariot, and various banners of Jadis' army. Added May '08, the exhibit now includes two Telmarine lord costumes and Miraz's battle costume.


Past Exhibits

Descriptions of exhibits that are known to be over can be viewed here. Images from these exhibits are in the photo gallery, above.




These text and hard-copy resources are excellent reference tools for researching and creating the costumes. Be sure to read our interview with Isis Mussenden!

Prince Caspian

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe