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Past Exhibits

CGV Yongsan IMAX Theater (South Korea) - A Telmarine lord costume on display. See linked Flickr pictures here.

Disney's El Capitan Theatre (Hollywood, CA) - May 16 through June 25, 2008. See the brochure. Tickets to see Prince Caspian during this time period includes their exhibit of costumes and props: images show that the exhibit includes Caspian's battle outfit, Peter's battle outfit, Miraz's Armor, and Prunaprismia's final dress from the farewell scene. Also, there are many props on display.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Exhibition (Phoenix, AZ - June 7-October 26, 2008) - Unfortunately, photography is not allowed, but 7chronicles' report describes some of the costumes and props present, which are in order: LWW: Peter's, Susan's, Edmund's and Lucy's LWW play clothes, Ginarrbrik's battle outfit, one of Jadis' dresses, many sized versions of Jadis' crown. PC: Susan's treasure chest (with her purple dress inside, probably), Caspian's main outfit, sword, and Susan's horn, Lord Sopespian's council costume, Miraz's and Prunaprismia's coronation costumes, Miraz Jr.'s baby outfit, Trumpkin and Nikabrik, Caspian's, Peter's, Susan's and Edmund's battle outfits, Lucy's red dress, gifts from Father Christmas, Edmund's shield, Glozelle's, Sopespian's, and Miraz's battle outfits, Caspian's coronation outfit and the Pevensies' LWW crowns. This exhibit is still ongoing in another location; see the Exhibits page.

Disney World's Disney-Hollywood Studios (formerly MGM-Studios) The Great Movie Ride (Orlando, FL) - Queuing area used to house the Pevensies' fur coats over their play clothes. Now houses Susan's green archery dress; see current exhibits.

Disney World's MGM Studios Soundstage Four (Orlando, FL), "Journey to Narnia" - Closed to overhaul it for Prince Caspian. Exhibit previously featured the White Witch's sleigh, wand, "potion vials," and Deep Magic gown, Ginarrbrik's main costume, Lucy's Lamppost outfit, and some stone statues. Also present are Oreius' and Otmin's weapons. You had to look quick, because they turned off the lights after about two minutes so that your group leaves and the next group could come through. But you could always turn around and get back in line. Part 2 of Jeff Lange's photo essay on the exhibit has a few additional pictures of the costumes.

Disney's California Adventure, Hollywood section - Likely ended. We have no dates or locations, and really no pictures. The only thing we know is that it featured all four children's Camp clothes and their gifts.

Disney's Studios Park in Paris, Studios Tram Tour - Likely ended, though we have no info on it. Some costumes that were on display include dSusan's Archery Dress, cloak, and bow; probably Lucy's Blue Camp Dress; Jadis' Battle Garb and fur, crown, and hair; her battle swords; Susan's Play Clothes and fur coat; Edmund's fur coat; Edmund's train station clothes;and some minotaur maces and assorted shields. From the two images sent in by Photos Magiques, we see some unrecognizable dwarf-sized costumes as well.

Disney World's MGM Studios Backlot Tour (Orlando, FL) - Children's coronation originals were in a display that the tram rolls past. Pictures were, of course, allowed, but you had to have a quick camera finger! Lighting was also terrible.

FIDM's The Art of Motion Picture Costume Design - February 6 through April 29, 2006 (closed April 14-16).

  • Exhibit website
  • Admission was free, with parking free on Saturdays
  • No photography (sad, but true!)
  • Featured 9 costumes: Adult Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy outfits with all four crowns; Susan and Lucy's train outfits; the White Witch's Smoke gown (sans crown and stole); Ginarrbrik; and Father Christmas
  • Oscar.com video: (Click on "BEHIND THE SCENES - COSTUME DESIGN" to open.) A behind-the-scenes video showing some of the exhibit's costumes, although the only Narnia mention spotted is on a glimpse of a floor plan.

El Capitan Theatre - Ended January 26, 2006. The historic El Capitan in Los Angeles, CA hosted a beautiful display featuring movie props, weapons, and costumes. Special thanks to Blisster for the heads up and all the beautiful pictures! Exhibit details:

  • Theatre website
  • Exhibits featured the White Witch's Turkish Delight Gown, Susan's Coronation Gown, the Wardrobe, the Pevensies' gifts, Edmund's throne, props and stone statues (including Tumnus)
  • Photography allowed
  • 6838 Hollywood Boulevard
    Los Angelos, CA
    1-800-DISNEY6 (1-800-347-6396)
  • Article with pictures
  • Gallery of Blisster's El Capitan pics

Taubman Mall experiences - Ran from November 15, 2005, to January 8, 2006. Some malls allowed photography, some didn't. Some malls offered an "Overnight Narnia Experience" in conjunction with the displays. More on the Taubman Mall experiences at NarniaWeb.

    Beverly Center Los Angeles, CA
  • website
  • features Adult Queen Susan's Gown
  • offered an Overnight Narnia Experience with hotel package
  • photography allowed
    Cherry Creek Shopping Center Denver, CO
  • website
  • features Adult King Peter's outfit
  • offered an Overnight Narnia Experience with hotel package
    Dolphin Mall Miami, FL
  • website
  • features one of Peter's costumes—we're not sure which
    Fair Oaks Mall Fairfax, VA
  • website
  • offered an Overnight Narnia Experience with hotel package
    International Plaza Tampa, FL
  • website
  • no information
    MacArthur Center Norfolk, VA
  • website
  • offered an Overnight Narnia Experience with hotel package
    Northlake Mall Charlotte, NC
  • website
  • offered an Overnight Narnia Experience with hotel package
    Mall at Short Hills Short Hills, NJ
  • website
  • offered an Overnight Narnia Experience with hotel package
    Mall at Wellington Green Wellington, FL
  • website
  • no information
    Westfarms Farmington, CT
  • website
  • no information
    The Shops at Willow Bend Plano, TX
  • website
  • featured Adult King Edmund's outfit




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