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We'd love to hear your comments, suggestions, and contributions! We particularly love images, sketches or notes from Narnia costume exhibits.


Prince Caspian

Lady Éowyn (Laura): Admin, writer
Meltintalle: Writer

The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe

Lady Éowyn (Laura): Admin, site designer, contributer
Philo (Kelly): Site design consultant, contributer
Molly: Armor consultant/contributer

We've also had a great deal of contributors to be credited, whether for costume notes, input or images: thanks to Aranel, Blisster, Eleiel, Caurelóron, Cherie, Cynthia, DeLancey, GentlePrincess, LordofHaladin, *Lucy*, Meltintalle, Menelve, Marianne, Perseus, Stansborough Weavers, RoseRed, SuchWasCharn, TheGentleQueen, everyone at the NarniaWeb Costumes discussion forum, and many more.

Important: We do not offer costumes for sale, nor can we direct you to someone who can. You may want to check out the "permanent" Costume Discussion thread on NarniaWeb: Buying Costumes and Props, for questions about finding a costume to buy and for links to children's costumes and quality prop replicas.



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