Female Centaurs

The female centaurs are very beautiful, graceful creatures, but stern and hard like their male counterparts. Their hair (black, light brown, blonde) is past shoulder length, worn down in waves and curls, half pulled back into a braid at the top of the head.

Female centaurs wear a sleeveless woven wool tunic under the armor, primarily in scarlet and mustard yellow. The tunic extends down into a swag below the peytral. Further up they are slit down from the waist at the sides and pulled back under the leather caparison. Behind the scenes clips show female centaurs with sashes around the shoulders or from shoulder to hip and buckled with a gold fan-shaped buckle.

Armor, Weapons

The female centaurs serve as archers in the rear of Aslan's army. They are directed by Edmund as the second defense in case of a retreat.

The horse body is covered in a leather caparison, surrounded with leathers that buckle under the horse torso. The peytral (breastplate for the horse chest, where the human thigh would be) is two lames (layers) of the same leather with steel edging. The upper lame wraps around the waist towards the back, and the lower lame attaches to the caparison with four leathers at the top and bottom of the lame.

(As a note, early behind the scenes clips also show a large dark brown belt around a female's waist, but we don't know what it is for. Also, it looks as though some of the methods of securing the armor in place may have been altered several times before the final version. See images in our gallery below.)

The visible breastplates are leather and edged in steel, but due to some behihnd the scenes images, I believe the the leather is simply covering steel plate. The main segment wraps around the torso to the back, and breaks in the middle of the torso below the bust, showing the tunic beneath. There are a few lames visible under the main piece at the neck. They also have two-lame plate pauldrons.

The archers carry dark brown longbows with arrows of a similar color with silver nocks and crimson fletching. A hip quiver of dark leather edged in steel is belted to the right side. Archers also wear a leather vambrace on the inside of their left forearm to protect it from the stinging release of the bowstring. On the left flank they carry a one-handed sword similar to the two-handed swords of the male centaurs.

Coronation Tunics

The tunics at the coronation are a loose garment of silver material.


Archer Gallery

Edmund and his archers

drawing the flaming arrow

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