Peter Pevensie

in Prince Caspian



School Uniform

Peter's school uniform consists of gray trousers, a white oxford shirt, a burgundy tan striped tie with a bit of blue in it, a navy v-neck sweater vest ribbed at the neck in a red stripe with a yellow stripe through it. Over this he wears a navy blue blazer with the school crest badge pinned on the breast pocket. In Narnia he goes barefoot and sheds the blazer and untucks his shirt, rolling up the sleeves.

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Brown Velvet Tunic

Looks like this is the costume that Peter chooses to wear at Cair Paravel. It's more elegant and less like battle wear—most likely an outfit preserved by the magic of the treasure chamber from his kingship 1300 years in the past.

His tunic is velvet, in a shade of deep brown. The velvet is worn, looking slightly moth-eaten in places. It's edged at the front opening, hem, and sleeves in what looks like a brown-on-brown waffle weave fabric, which can be seen particularly well at the neck in this image. The edges are also faced with this waffle weave fabric, but not fully lined with it. It is, however, sewn to the lining: see in this image the diagonal seam running down from the neckline corners? You can just make out the brown lining layer at the seam there—silk, perhaps?

The detachable sleeves are also lined in the waffle weave fabric, with eyelets across the the top of the shoulder and leather lacings loosely joining the sleeve to the armhole. It doesn't attach to the armhole under the arm, as you can see it lifting in this image, but it is sewn together there, so it's really a whole sleeve. There's an emblem of gold embroidery on each sleeve cap; looks like it might be a royal symbol of some sort: possibly from the bit we can see in this image, a trio of oak leaves inside a triangle, with a lot of twisting banners.

It buttons up the front, with loops and about eight or nine metal embossed buttons. You can buy these buttons here.

The left side of the tunic is embroidered in gold—a long emblem similar to the emblems on his sleeves. This looks like a long scepter, with a vine twining around it.

The shirt worn under the tunic looks to be a coarse woven cotton or wool. The sleeves are long and full, gathered into the armscye—you can see the lines of the gathering or pleating under the gap between sleeve and armscye in this image—as well as into a long cuff, which looks to lace to itself over the placket that's on the thumb side of his wrist. It has a round neck edged in a self-fabric corded piping, possibly twisted. It's hard to tell exactly what's going on with that trimming.

He wears tan trousers and knee-high boots. He carries his sword and belt, shield and strap, the latter of which can be seen in this image. Also in that image he's carrying a large brown bag, Narnian by the design, unlike Edmund, who was carrying his bag from England when they were pulled into Narnia.

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Night Raid

Peter wears this outfit at the Telmarine castle raid at night. He probably gets the pieces after Aslan's How, though one wonders where these new clothes come from exactly. Not much room in those bags they were carrying.

The light brown leather jerkin buckles twice up the front, with the front edges overlapping, forming a V-neck. In this image you can see four small studs at each place it buckles, securing the leather straps. The jerkin is covered in what looks like a vertical stitch detailing. The edges on all sides are bound with leather, and the shoulder seams are overcast with a dark thread. From an image in the movie storybook, we see that the jerkin doesn't is fully open down the sides, laced together with leather and at least four grommets on each side, probably more.

The dark reddish burgundy shirt is longer than the jerkin, with a mandarin collar and rather full long sleeves probably gathered into a cuff, and it looks like it's pleated into the armscye. The seam for the sleeve is on the outside of the arm. The fabric looks like a rough-woven wool.

He wears dark leather vambraces, trousers and knee-high boots.

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See the breakdown of the very similar costume from LWW here


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Coronation Outfit

Our first glimpse of his coronation outfit came in the movie storybook on the last page; see a tracing below. It seems a bit similar to Caspian's farewell outfit: the neck, the front closing off to the side, the sleeve caps, and the collared shirt underneath.

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Farewell Outfit

Slate blue tunic of stiff material with a herringbone weave, deep V-neck to the waist decorated with a narrow decorative stitch, panels below the waist, sleeves tight from wrist to elbow, then slashed widely (similar to Caspian's, only the lower arm piece goes slightly higher), with the over the shoulder angled seam common to the Telmarines. Lighter blue shirt underneath with tie closure at the neckline

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