Peter's Armor


Worn in his first Narnian battle, against the White Witch Jadis and her army.

Peter's armor could be compared to armor from the 14th - 15th century, during the transition from mail to plate. The short mail shirt and tabard, plate pauldrons, and basinet helmet are all typical of that era.



From Newsweek Peter's sleeveless tabard is a deep, rich red velvet. The front and back hem is a pointed V shape, with splits in the sides up to the belt and at the back. The hem, front and back, is edged in about a two-inch binding of yellow/gold fabric (perhaps velvet itself, by the weight?).

The design of the rampant golden Lion is embroidered on the front in the same color of golden yellow, facing towards Peter's sword hand. Check out all of the fabulous rampant lion templates below.


Under the tabard, Peter wears a long-sleeved mail coat laced up the front with leather lacings. The hooded coif comes to a point in the front. The shirt and coif have three rows of gold links on the outer edges. He also has leggings of chain mail, under which he wears the brown hose of his camp clothes.

On his upper body, Peter wears plate armor mostly on his right side, the side not protected by his shield. His pauldrons have four lames (plate layers) each, held together by steel rivets. In the middle of the lowest lame is a gold medallion. The highest lame on his right side extends straight upward from his shoulder about 1 1/2 inches. The vambraces on the lower arms are full-circle, wrapping all the way around the arm. He has red leather gloves, but the right glove is covered with small steel plates, while the left glove (holding the shield) is bare. His legs are girded with greaves for his shins and sabatons for his feet. The greaves have a gold medallion in the kneecap area.

All the plate armor is edged in gold and etched in places with "bands" of tiny oak leaves (Peter's motif). The plates have been worked to form smooth, veinlike lines on the pauldrons, vambraces and greaves. The straps that buckle the plates in place are red leather with gold buckles.

When riding, he wears a basinet-style helm with a folding visor. The visor has holes so he can breathe and leaves a small space for him to see through when it is down. Also, it appears that the helmet (or at least the visor) is lined with smooth red material, probably leather. The basinet has a ridge running from the center of the forehead to the back of the neck. In the center of the forehead is gold bar extending from the gold edging surrounded by etched oak leaves. The etching wraps around the helmet and meets in the back with a gold medallion.

Check out the screecaps and hi-res images below for more armor detail!

Belt, Sword, and Shield

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Peter wears the red maroon belt, given him by Father Christmas with his sword, over the tabard. It's buckled, the remaining length being flipped underneath itself and then into the loop thus made. The sheath is hung from the belt by two leather straps hanging from gold hooks and wrapped around the sheath.


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Lion Templates

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