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"'These are your presents,' was the answer, 'and they are tools not toys. The time to use them is perhaps near at hand. Bear them well.'"



Peter's Sword, Rhindon

"The hilt of the sword was of gold and it had a sheath and a sword belt and everything it needed, and it was just the right size and weight for Peter to use."

Peter's sword is similar to 14th century one-handed swords. The crossguard is a straight steel bar with a small langet (the 1 1/2" tab) running parallel to the blade. The grip is covered with 2 segments of red leather with a ring of gold (called a ferrule) between them and another at the grip's base. The leather is embossed with a diagonal stripe pattern with scrolls running between every other line (see design on picture of replica on Arms of Valor website.) The pommel (which counter-balances the weight of the blade) is my favorite part: a gold lion's head.

The blade is broad and long. In the fuller (the groove down the middle that lessens the blade's weight) is a gold inlay. On one side, it reads "When Aslan Bears His Teeth Winter Meets Its Death," and on the other side, "When Aslan Shakes His Mane We Shall Have Spring Again," surrounded by more inlay.

The scabbard is hard to see in most pictures. It is red leather, with a steel chape fitted over the base (to protect the sword's tip) and a locket over the mouth (to keep water from getting inside.) The locket is gold where the langet fits over it, and beneath the locket is what looks like a lion's face surrounded by rays stamped on the leather. Leather loops around the scabbard are hooked to gold loops around Peter's belt. The belt is stamped with leaves and other motifs with gold gilding.

Master Replicas, Promotional Images

Master Replicas collectible Master Replicas collectible

Trailers, Video Clips

sheath at hip good view of locket and belt loops sword langet in locket

Master Replicas has a replica of Rhindon available for purchase: "Designed to be an exact replica of the original prop supplied by Weta Workshop Ltd., the blade of Peter's powerful tool is constructed of durable hand-forged steel and sturdy full tang and features elegant acid-etched lettering details. The leather grip includes gold-plated, cast-metal details including an exquisite brass lion head. A nickel-chromed steel hand guard completes this authentic work of art." Priced at $249, they are currently sold out as of October 18th, 2007.




"The shield was the colour of silver and across it there ramped a red
lion, as bright as a ripe strawberry the moment you pick it."

From Narnia.comPeter's shield is made up of sections of curved wood about an inch thick. According to a Weta video, the front is actually steel, not silver, etched with leaves and swirls, beginning at the bottom and fanning out in seven "branches," with a canopy of leaves at the top. A gold border surrounds the etching.

There are seven gold diamond shapes above the lion's head, similar to shapes carved on the shield back. Is this perhaps a symbol of royalty?

The back of the shield shows the dark wood grain, with the carved diamonds already mentioned arcing across the lower end.

Forearm padding and straps riveted to the back look like a soft red leather. The large strap with a lion's head buckle is attached to the shield with gold rings and can be slung around the neck or over the shoulder. That way, the shield could be carried in front or over the back. The strap can also help Peter keep his shield arm up in battle.

Peter's coat of arms is a rampant lion, found on his shield and his tabard. We have two excellent templates of the rampant lion for your use, below.

Prop and Promotional Images

Far prop view - from Close prop view - from Back prop view - from shield strap - closeup Peter salutes Aslan

Trailers, Video clips

from the Disney Moviesurfer segment Peter, wearing his shield slung on his back The three children presumably ducking - bad screenshot with the fade, apologies, but it shows the shield more fully The three children presumably ducking

Lion Templates

Lorenzo's Filled-In
Embroidery Template
PDF download

Image example, above
Note: Lion must be flipped
to match Peter's shield
original GIF image



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