The White Witch
Deep Magic Regalia

"And right in the middle, standing by the Table, was the Witch herself."


Sacrifice at the Stone TableThe most cruel and terrifying of her seven dresses, Jadis wears this regalia for the ritual of sacrifice on the Stone Table.

The bodice and skirt seem like the basic template - yet there are no sleeves. The neck squares off at her shoulders, cut straight across, and curves under her arms, rounding to her back, and probably straightens off under her shoulder blades.

While it looks very black in the images, Mussenden mentions that it is actually midnight blue. The lace is black, the outcome looking like black ice. See below for better color/fabric descriptions.

And a chilling twist: she has a large black bird slung on her right shoulder (this is a taxidermied rooster). It's laying on its side, the head facing away from her face. The right wing, extends up from her right shoulder, the left wing laying closely along the back of the dress, ending at the waist so that one can see it from her left side if she turns slightly. From her right shoulderblade, below the bird, extends a wide training sash of black fabric.

Her dreads are worn pulled straight back, in her frozen-back cone look still, though not so root-like. It's clasped somehow eight inches or so from the head, and the ends of the hair hang down.


LordofHaladin is kind enough to share some observations on the dress (livejournal entry) from the Disney MGM Studios exhibit.

(Though paraphrased, all observations below are from Lordofhaladin)

On the dress one could not see any seams at all. It was possible that a faint p-seam could be seen on the side. Very full skirt (three 55" panels?).

The fabric was heavy but light - rolling instead of draping, and pooled at the feet of the dress 4 to 6 inches. The fabric had three layers or more (crisp, with a sheen only silk has): netting, like tulle, something like batting in a white color, pulled very thin in some places, balling up in others. Then a "web" of threads, silk or polyester, and some slim pieces of gray/silver/black organza.

(Note: This is fitting very much with the knowledge from our exclusive interview with Isis Mussenden: "The first layer is a velvet dyed with resist areas for a modeled look.  The second layer is felted wool and silk.  The raw materials were dyed  and then felted to fit the shape of each dress.  The sheen of the silk is what gave us icy lines and begins to create the depth.  The final layer is the lace.  This is metallic thread and organza pieces, also dyed, sewn onto a burn out fabric.")

The draping cape looked like organza, attached to her shoulder under the bird. Almost black, but a bit lighter. Perhaps shot black/silver.

The right wing of the bird, closest to her head (laying on its side), was outstretched. Part of the bird, possibly the left wing, stretched over to the other side, it seems across her back waist, and you could see it on the left side. The eyes of the bird were actually crystals!

Super high-rez images ~ courtesy the Photobox

Movie Clips, Trailers

Teaser Trailer screencap - a goldish belt at the natural waistline? Teaser Trailer screencap - face and wing Teaser Trailer screencap Teaser Trailer screencap Trailer Trailer - see curve under the arm

Behind the Scenes Chapters

Chapter IV screencap


Statue from ComicCon 2005

Disney MGM Studios Florida Exhibit ~ thanks to LordofHaladin

Disney MGM Studios Exhibit ~ courtesy Cynthia

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High-Res MGM Studios Exhibit ~ taken by Lady Éowyn



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