Computer generated; bodies are made up of colorful cherry blossoms.

Film screencaps



Film "Stand-ins"

These dryads are the human stand-ins, if you will, seen in behind the scenes features, and dancing at the coronation in the bloopers. It seems that they were - or, in the case of the coronation dance, would have been - later replaced with the CG blossom look, above.

"... in the 11th hour the Dryads became CGI effects... I think there was not a clear idea yet while we were filming what they might be, so it was decided that they be actors in flowing wardrobe filmed, but then replaced digitally later on in post." (NarniaWeb's Howard Berger Interview)

This appearance seems to match the books' description of dryads: "It is hard to explain if you have never seen a Dryad but quite unmistakable once you have - something different in the colour, the voice, and the hair."

They wear a "skirt" of tendrils of mossy foliage tinted blueish green, which matches their flowing long "hair." Their midriffs are almost bare, with vines up their backs. Their skin is pale sandy green.


Behind the Scenes



Pauline Baynes' Illustrations

By Pauline Baynes
Perhaps the most common and recognizable interpretation of the wood-nymphs: A very basic, Greek style with long ribbons or garlands. This is potentially a very easy costume to make!

Note: Made in other colors, these would make great nyad or maenad costumes as well. Tree-specific colors mentioned in the book are: "birch-girls in silver, beech-girls in fresh, transparent green, and the larch-girls in green so bright that it was almost yellow."

McCall's 3514 Raised waist Greek/Roman costume, gathered at waist and bust line. V-neck front and back, with optional sleeves and one-shoulder variations.

Simplicity 9454 Simple, spaghetti-strap gown, gathered at neckline and belted under bust. Several cloak/over shirt variations.

Simplicity 5138 Dancing costumes. A lengthened version of view A or B would make a lovely dryad costume perfect for the dancing lawn!