The White Witch
Smoke Gray Gown


Jadis wears this dress in the confrontational scene near the now-thawed river, and later at her army's encampment, planning the battle with General Otmin.

The crown is melted, reduced to about five or six inches tall. The crown is even shorter when worn at the camp.

The dress seems to be the basic template, with a slim skirt. The base layer on the fabric is a very dark gray that only shows through in some areas. It seems the silk is a lighter gray that appears almost lavendar and blue in some lights. The lace threading is metallic gray, the organza "ice" pieces pale gray.

In the first sequence, at the river, she wears a white fur mantle, shorter than her full one. At the camp, she wears a stole of badger pelts.

Fellow Jadis costume observer Perseus wrote in with some notes about the badger stole: "The stole is made out of a mass of badger pelts, body shape still intact. It attaches over each joint of the sleeve and body of the gown (actually a bit closer together than this, but I don't really know a proper name for that place). Long ends of each pelt fall loosely to about hip level in front and below the hips in the back. It is very full on her back and shoulders."


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