Prince Caspian
Farewell Outfit



This shot shows Caspian in what we've confirmed to be a post-coronation outfit, when he says goodbye to the Pevensies. There are also two good shots in the Official Movie Companion: one, standing beside Susan on page 72, and a full-page head-and-shoulders shot on page 85 which shows some amazing detail on the collar.

The fabric of what seems to be a doublet-like garment looks like a blue-gray brocade, with floral designs in a brown, bronzey russet color.

Attached at the neck and down what may be the front closure is a wide band of ruched trim, in a brown metallic color. The fabric itself is crinkled diagonally, leaning to Caspian's right, in addition to being pleated. We can see that at the neck it attaches with a catch stitch in a thick brown thread.

We can see that the shoulder extends in a sort of cap sleeve of the same fabric, which may indicate that the long sleeves are attached further in (this very much resembles what we're seeing on Miraz's coat, particularly in this image).

The long sleeves—coat sleeves, possibly—are split along the seam at the front of the arm just a few inches down from the armscye, and edged in a bronze twisted cord. It looks like the inner sleeve piece extends down to form the cuff, while the outer, fuller piece is gathered into the cuff.

He has a wide leather belt over what looks like might be a pleated bronze-colored skirt below it, like what Miraz is wearing in this image.

The light grayish blue shirt that shows up at the neck and sleeve openings has a high collar with narrow pleats that extend up into the collar and are stitched down in three horizontal rows of a gold chainstitch. They're stitched so that the pleats are leaning one way at the top and at the point the collar joins the neck, but leaning another midway between that. The top edge of the collar is unhemmed, and a bit ragged, but the lining layer starts around the neck (though the collar is not a separate piece).

We can see one loop on his left side just at that point, probably for a button on the other side.

If you don't have the movie companion, you can also see a relatively good shot of the collar of the same (or at least similarly styled) shirt that he wears with his Stargazing Outfit.

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