Prince Caspian

Court Scene

This promo shot has the costume that matches up with this scene, but either he's wearing the wrong shirt (the shirt he wears in the next sequence, when he confronts Cornelius, is a green like this) or the shirt has been colored green for the promo image. The latter seems likely, as there is a copy of this exact shot in a sticker book that shows the shirt to be off-white, its real color. He wears it with wide belt, a knee-length brown skirt and trousers that cut off mid-lower-leg, and tall boots. There's a good full-length shot of it in the Movie Storybook.


Confronting Cornelius

No online images currently, though you can find a few shots in the Illustrated Companion on page 25, with storyboard shots.


The high-res image shows us a good bit more than our earlier shots: note the rich blue velvet cloak, fur-lined with a tremendous fur draped collar that attaches on his left shoulder; the mandarin-collared tunic with the puffed sleeves and gold trim at the neck, hem, and cuffs, and the richly embroidered sash and buckle.

Shootastic High-res Promo Image

Concept Art

Night Raid

Bear in mind that the lower image distorts the colors: Miraz wears a longer than knee-length blue night shirt with loose trousers in the same fabric. Later he appears on the balcony with a coat thrown over it, which he also wears later at the Telmarine camp.

Behind the Scenes Feature

Telmarine Camp Scenes

Here he wears his brigandine over a bright blue velvet shirt, and in the first image he wears his blue coat.




Guest Write-Up by Molly

Breakdown based on concept art; update coming soon!

"The design of Miraz's armor flowed naturally out of the shapes being established by his helmet and weaponry. The conscious decision was made to create a broad, imposing figure that would stand in stark contrast to the color and style of armor worn by the Pevensie children and Prince Caspian. By choosing bronze as the metal base tones for Miraz's armor, he immediately stood out from his fellow Telmarine lords as something different, but also presented a heavy, aggressive contrast to Peter's lighter, silver-hued armor." ~Narnia.com's Blog on Miraz's Armor and Costume

In contrast to the stark dull greyness of the Telmarine footsoldier's armor, Miraz's armorial colors are blue and bronze. All of his armor is decorated with fine acid-etched designs. Unfortunately, we don't know yet what these designs are! According to reports, the etchings are pictographs of Telmarine history. Due to the etching on the sword described below, I am inclined to believe these reports.

Miraz is well armored. The innermost layer is a hauberk of chain mail. This mail reaches down to his kness and comes to a point in the front. On top of this is a black brigadine, one piece forming a vest with bronze buckles down the front, and two more pieces covering his thighs. This brigadine has gold trim.

The plate armor consists of a breastplate covering the upper chest, pauldrons with several lames, gauntlets with vambraces attached, greaves on the shins, and sabatons covering his feet.

Miraz's helmet and mask are one piece. The helmet is a bronze morion. The faceplate is similar to the Telmarine facemasks, but has a longer beard. It supposedly has roots in samurai battle masks.

Miraz is also wearing a blue decorative sash, a blue shoulderbelt (probably a sword-belt) and blue knee-length blouson trousers (pants).

Miraz's sword is an arming sword like Caspians. The blade is narrow and comes to a sharp tip. The crosspiece, knuckle bow (curved piece) and pommel are bronze, and the grip is black leather bound with bronze braid. Attached to the crosspiece are bronze rings which go below the hilt and wrap around the blade. The entire hilt and part of the blade are very finely etched with curling designs and figures of horses, large cats, human figures, human profiles, and ships. The etching seems to be detailing a history of Telmarine culture and would remind one much of ancient carvings depicting battles or mythological stories. The curling designs are stylized breakers of waves that originate from the bow of a ship etched into the pommel of the sword.

The shield is edged with steel. On the top and side edges of the field are designs etched in bronze. The field is blue, and the device is a compass star of gold and silver at the honour point of the shield.

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