Prince Caspian

Coronation Outfit



You can get a better glimpse of this on the next-to-last page of the movie storybook. Because he's riding Destrier, whose large head is in the way, we can mostly only see the sleeves, a bit of the neck, and trousers.

The main fabric that makes up the whole tunic and outer sleeves is a soft cream tan color, with diamond shapes in a darker tan printed on or perhaps in the weave. We can see the pointed collar of the olive green undershirt at the neck.

The tan/cream sleeves are large and gathered into the armscye and the long cuff, and almost completely split open at the front. We can see an olive green sleeve of the shirt underneath, rivalling the outersleeve for fullness. The outer sleeve looks to be fully lined in this color as well, and on the edge trimmed with a looping cord.

He has dark tan trousers with a small raised diamond pattern, possibly a matelasse fabric.



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