Lucy Pevensie

Lamppost Dress

Lucy peeks into the Spare Room - from Lucy wears this adorable ensemble when she first enters the wardrobe, sees a lamppost, and has tea with a faun named Tumnus!

The dress is knee-length with ties at the back and short puffed sleeves; the fabric looks from a distance like a burnt-orange plaid. Specifically, there are golden yellow and turkey-red vertical stripes and dull blue and a duller red horizontal stripes, all on an olive-green ground.

The bodice is smocked in yellow and red threads in alternating bands of four small diamonds between large diamonds (possibly baby wave diamonds). The green stitching that separates the bands is dark, so it's hard to tell whether it's made up of a row of diamonds, or just a zig-zag stitch or a trellis stitch.

The smocking accounts for the heavy gathering of the skirt. There is enough material gathered into the bodice, moreover, that the skirt may be a true dirndl—that is, having straight vertical side seams, instead of ones that taper from the waist.

The beige and cream gingham collar at her neck is probably sewn right onto the dress bodice, although it could possibly be a separate dickey (that is, a false collar attached to a yoke). It separates in front and back, indicating that the dress fastens in the back (probably buttons).

Over her dress she wears a pea-green cardigan, a beautiful piece. While the main part of the garment is worked in stockinette stitch, there are clearly cuffs of ribbing at the wrists and waist, and the false yoke over the shoulders is worked in seed stitch. Beneath this yoke is a vertical row of flowers. Three on each side, the bottom and top flowers are each yellow and the center one red. Seven brown buttons close the cardigan.

Her hair is worn parted on the side with an greenish-greyish bow. (From the close-up on her face in the trailer, it looks like it's actually held back with a bobby pin.) The cream colored knee-highs she wears extend above her knee. Her clay-brown shoes are similar to Mary Janes but with the strap at the ankle, fastened swith small red buttons.

Screencaps from Trailer

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