Dwarfs! Short, stout, but hardy and excellent at smithery (envy them, most of us don't have a hauberk to throw on now and then).

By the Narnia.com armor pictures and the size comparison charts, it appears that Black Dwarfs are in the witch's service, whereas Red Dwarfs are on Aslan's side. The sides, in the book, are distinguished by hair and beard color: black dwarfs have black beards, hard like horse hair, and red dwarfs have soft red hair like foxes.



Black Dwarfs

From Narnia.com - Black Dwarf Armor, back view
The costume appears to start with a long sleeved tan or gray tunic, with sleeves gathered in at the cuff, the fabric of a heavy material with thin vertical stripes.

Over that is a mail shirt, short sleeved, with a wide collar that drapes about the neck. This was originally thought to be a coif, but it appears to be simply a large collar. The back, however, form a coif when wanted.

A dwarf has one leather belt. Off that belt comes his sheath, hanging by a leather at the side and the back, and another leather that goes over his right shoulder to hold his quiver.

The video game image appears to be quite accurate, therefore, we'd trust it more than the action figure on extra details. It shows brown trousers, a long-sleeved tan tunic, tall black boots, his helmet, as well as the hauberk, sword, and quiver.

Starting from the base, the quiver is shaped like a long rectangle, and has a strip of leather tooling straight down the wide side: a design of geometric arrow/triangle shapes.

A metal band runs about the opening, and another one 1/3 of the way down the quiver. A metal tip bossed at the end of the quiver forms a point, with a design inset.

About two inches above the end is a strip of leather set down with rivets, fastened all the way around, and taking up about 1/3 of the quiver. Another design, more intricate, is bossed onto that. The use of this section is unknown, except that it holds the quiver to the belt.

The last decoration, at the top, is a metal band that serpentines down the quiver and around, beginning at just above the leather accessory to below the quiver rim.

The helmet is round, with 18-20 ridges. If you can excuse the comparison, it nearly resembles the underside of a Bundt cake pan. The top comes to a point with a knob on the end, and two strips of metal are twisted together around the helmet to form the lower rim.

Beneath the helmet is worn leather cap, with a collar off the back to protect the neck, and two "wings" in front of the ears.

Film Images

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Black Dwarf Quiver Black Dwarf Armor Side Dwarf Helmet Gentleman with an Unfinished Dwarf Helmet - note there is no twisted rim

Video Game, Action Figure

Black Dwarf action figure Video Game - a Black Dwarf!




Ginarrbrik has a red coat, lined in a dirty white fur. The cuffs of the long sleeves are gold fabric, embroidered in a gold thread in two designs. This is seen at the hem of the coat as well.

We can't see what he wears under his coat, but the video game and action figure images suggest a long sleeved red shirt, (the video game headshot suggests velvet with gold acid etchings). The action figure image shows a thick band of gold design on the cuffs.

Ginarrbrik wears high laced boots, with curled, pointed toes.

He either dons a separate white fur vest at the battle - the action figure shown is a battle figure - or this is an action figure inaccuracy. He carries his sword and a staff.

His red cap has two long wings in front of the ears, and a long "tail" down the back. His beard roots are white, and brownish red further down - turning old! His fingers are heavily jeweled: several rings decorate his fingers.

In a chat with Kiran Shah (Ginarrbrik) on TheOneRing.net, he says... not much about his costume! But he does mention that he has "a long beard that goes all the way to the floor." See the transcript at the above link.

Promotional, Teaser Trailer

Ginarrbrik's head in the background! Look close... The dwarf standing in front of the stone table - likely Ginarrbrik

Ginarrbrik's Sword

Ginarrbrik's sword in sheath Ginarrbrik's sword Ginarrbrik's sword, handle detail

Video Game, Action Figure

Ginarrbrik headshot - thought at first this was likely Father Christmas, but comparison with real Ginarrbirk images has so far proved otherwise Peter and Edmund fighting Ginarrbrik in video game - apparently running about him till he dizzies! Ginarrbrik action figure