The White Witch
Ice Gown

In this gown, Jadis towers over Edmund in the throne room and sweeps into the dungeon to interrogate him.

The outer spires of her icicle crown seem to have melted slightly at this point.

The dress follows the basic template, but with an exceptionally wide skirt. She wears a small white fur stole swathed around her neck up to her chin, laying on the neckline, with one tail dripping like an icicle off the back of the neck, to the waist.

Note that in the images where she sits on her throne, it appears she is wearing her large mantle, but she is only wearing the neck/shoulders stole.

The best, most probable representation of the true color of the dress is a pale blue; see this image, though that is seems tinted green. The lace is a metallic silver.


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Teaser Trailer

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Chapter IV: Story

Chapter IV: The Story - her skirt blends in with the ice pillars Chapter IV: The Story Chapter IV: The Story

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