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Lucy Pevensie


Lucy's Gifts

"He gave her a little bottle of what looked like glass (but people said afterward that it was made of diamond) and a small dagger. 'In this bottle,' he said, 'there is a cordial made of the juice of one of the fire-flowers that grow in the mountains of the sun. . . . '"

The images we have of Lucy's gifts are few: we see her unfinished cordial bottle in the Weta video, and a few pictures on narnia.com. Recently we found an image of some miniature replicas of the children's gifts made by Master Replicas.

The Cordial Vial

Lucy's first gift from Father Christmas was a healing cordial made from the juice of fireberries from the mountains of the sun. A mere drop could heal any injury within seconds.

Lucy's cordial is in a small, thick-walled crystal bottle with a beaded edge. The bottle is corked and has a gold lion's head top. A little chain linked to the back of the lion's neck is wrapped around the bottle's neck, probably so she doesn't lose it!

The etching and painting on the bottle is extremely interesting. Everything is outlined in dark brown, and some areas are filled in with gold. What we can see looks like a sun setting in the middle behind some mountains with gold rays fanning from it. Just beneath this is a bird with its wings outstretched, and beneath her beak are flowers filled in with gold. All this is surrounded with a wreath of leaves. Note also her initials LP in gold.

The small case that cradles the bottle is of stiff red leather with gold edges and a gold bottom. Several layers of leather overlap each other. It opens by a flap tied shut with red string. The front is etched like sun's rays and leaves, and a round gold "button" with a lion's face is positioned over the sun on the bottle. The flap separates in the middle so we can see part of the bottle and so the cap can poke through. Leather on the back of the pouch is riveted to form a stiff loop through which her belt goes.

The cordial itself is red. The first Weta video showed what looks like an unfinished cordial bottle with a gold-tinted liquid inside, while promotional images made the bottle itself look red! We were stumped for a while, but since the movie it's apparent that the bottle is clear glass (with painted accents, as noted) with red cordial inside.

The Dagger

Dagger spotted with mini-reproductions! Slightly less known is Lucy's small dagger, given to defend herself "at great need."

The design is actually very simple; a short, double-edged dagger with a hilt very similar to that of Peter's sword, only smaller and differently proportioned. In the 14th century, such daggers Lucy's Dagger ~ from 2nd Narnia passport were called "quillion daggers" and were worn on the opposite hip as the sword. The grip is covered with only one piece of leather bound with white string with a gold ring at the guard and gold gilding near the pommel. The guard is a short, slightly curved steel bar, and the pommel is gold and shaped like a lion's head. Two straps connect the red and gold sheath to her belt.

The Belt

Lucy's gifts came with a red leather belt seen in the trailer when the children meet Aslan. The belt is stamped with flowers with touches of gilding. The cordial is on her right side and the dagger is on her left.

Promotional Images

from Narnia.com from Narnia.com from Narnia.com Narnia passport scan

Chapter I: Weta (cordial and belt unfinished)

screencap ~ best shot of etching screencap ~ beaded edge screencap screencap

Super high-rez images ~ courtesy the Photobox

from the Photobox from the Photobox from the Photobox from the Photobox from the Photobox

Making Lucy's Cordial

Sculpy, perhaps? Hopefully they'll come out with a reproduction of this one. For those who want to make their own, however, note that the first screencap from the Weta featurette (above) provides the best look at the etching. A cosmetic bottle (perfume or nail polish, perhaps?) would make a good base. Good luck!

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