Edmund Pevensie

in Prince Caspian



School Uniform

Edmund's school uniform consists of gray trousers, a white oxford shirt, a burgundy tan striped tie with a bit of blue in it, a navy v-neck sweater vest ribbed at the neck in a red stripe with a yellow stripe through it. Over this he wears a navy blue blazer with the school crest badge pinned on the breast pocket. He also wears a knit scarf with two large red stripes, striped orange up the center of each, and a navy blue short-billed "cricket cap."

In Narnia it looks like he's the only one who still wears his black shoes, but he does shed his blazer and vest, and untucks his shirt, rolling up the sleeves. He carries a brown messenger bag—a good place to store his torch!


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Blue Velvet Tunic

Edmund's blue velvet tunic is closed down the front to the sword belt with seven silver metal buttons. The velvet is worn, looking a bit moth-eaten in places. There's a faded gold printing of a diamond pattern on the body of the tunic beginning just at the third button down, that covers to the hem and around the sides of the tunic, not quite matching up at the side seams.

The neck and front opening are edged in a blue cord and faced with the same blue velvet, at the front opening overlapping—the loops for the buttons are possibly sewn down here. The sleeves are full and gathered into a long cuff that starts mid-forearm.

We can see the blueish white undershirt is gathered into the collar, stitched in several rows out from the neck. We can see some yarn that loosely ties the front of the undershirt together in this image. He wears grayish-tan trousers and knee-high boots. He also carries a Narnian shield, sword, and his English bag.

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Night Raid

For the Night Raid, Ed wears the same shirt and blue velvet tunic as above, with a jerkin over, much like the one Peter wears in the same sequence. It has the same vertical stitch detailing, but only on one side, his right. The jerkin wraps over and buckles at twice at his left. The leather straps for the buckles are secured with four studs each. And while Peter's laces at the sides through grommets, the seams at Ed's sides, and possibly the shoulder seams, are whip-stitched.

The edges on all sides it seems, are bound with the same leather and topstitched.

He wears brown leather pauldrons that seem to be attached to the jerkin, as they don't buckle under the arm—we do see three studs along the top. The pauldron on his left shoulder is one piece, and on his right, two pieces. We can see a small emblem engraved into the left pauldron in this image, and each piece is also bound in leather and topstitched. There's also a fine scored line bordering the inside.

He also wears leather vambraces. And, of course, trousers and his knee-high boots.

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See the breakdown of the similar costume from LWW here

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Coronation Outfit

You can see this costume on one of the last pages of the Movie Storybook. The outfit looks Telmarine-influenced. He wears what looks like a brown jerkin—it looks like either a brocade or a shiny, soft tooled leather. It has cap sleeves, and it looks like it might button down the front. The tan shirt has a mandarin collar, and full gathered sleeves. He wears a belt at his waist.

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Farewell Outfit

This is the shirt that Ed wears under his Telmarine farewell tunic.

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