Edmund's Armor


We eventually see Edmund in full armor as he directs the gryphons, the archers, and the reserves in the great battle. His garb is very similar to Peter's, except for a few details.

A Banner from the Creation Music Festival The biggest differences are: Edmund's armor is much lighter than Peter's. His helmet has no visor, and he wears smaller pauldrons and no vambraces or gloves. Ed has an inverted V-hem on the tabard - Peter's is pointed. Ed's belt is darker, too, with buckles shaped like those of the centaur belts.

Armor and Underpinnings

All of his armor is edged in gold: his mail has three rows of gold rings around the edges, and his plates have a gold insert border.

The mail coat is laced up the front with leather lacings and falls to mid-thigh. He also wears a hoodless coif and leggings of mail. Plate armor consists of pauldrons at the shoulders of three lames (the battle montage image incorrectly shows four; it makes Edmund's armor identical to Peter's), greaves, and sabatons.

You can see the wrist-length, mock-necked aketon he's wearing beneath the mail sleeves. Made of felted and quilted burgundy wool, it is bound at the neck, wrists, and hem with leather of the same color.

His helmet is a basinet style with no visor, edged in gold, with a leather chin strap. Near the forehead are decorative leaf etchings.


The hem of Edmund's tabard is cut in a sloping, upside-down V shape (at least in the front: we haven't seen the back) with about 1 inch thick of gold velvet binding. The rampant golden lion is satin-stitched on; see the outlined patterns provided below.


Edmund received no gifts from Father Christmas, so his shield is similar to those of the centaurs: wood with a steel border riveted to red and gold leather and a diamond-shaped boss in the middle, carved with the lion's face. NarniaWebber Edmund sent in this computer art of Edmund's shield.

Edmund's sword is narrower and tapers more than Peter's. The steel guard curves away from his hand toward the blade. The grip is dark burgundy leather and the pommel is steel and fan-shaped.



A Banner from the Creation Music Festival

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