Prince Caspian

White Birthing Gown

This is in the opening sequence, Miraz Jr.'s birth scene. It's a white off-the-shoulder chemise, with a dark blue robe or shawl of some sort on her right shoulder.

Behind the Scenes Feature

Soldiers Return Gown

Blue, heavily embroidered and beaded, with high (velvet?) collar, and some kind of scarf at the neck.

Coronation Gown

Seen from the back only in the film: blue, off the shoulder, shoulder pieces are satin with some sort of embossed design. She wears a pearl hairpiece under her upswept hair.

Kristinamy visited the Narnia exhibit in Arizona (see our exhibits page), and she took down a sketch from memory (see below) and some good notes:

The dress was really beautifully draped. It almost had a lingerie feel to it. The dress was not very shaped, but hung quite loose from the bust (it was kind of shaped at the bust, but after it fell away it was really clinging to the body only because of the drape of the fabric whenever it fell on the bias). The seams at the front are princess seam-esque but with sharp corners instead (think the shape of Su's last dress). I'm quite sure that there was no side seam, but a side piece coming around to the back as shown in the drawing. It made it quite drapey, as it hung on the bias.

The sleeves had bands of lace (with no lining- you could see the arms). I don't remember the number of bands. The sleeves then become larger- like LotR shaped. I *think* that there's large pleats/gathers tacked to keep the sleeves gathered. The mannikin had her arms sort of in front of her with the elbows bent and hands together, but the sleeves seemed to be very nicely gathered, so I think that it was tacked. I distinctly remember seeing some matte fabric inside the sleeve- it didn't seem lined but for some reason my memory is recalling strange frilly shapes. Maybe it was edged with scalloped lace. But from my vague memory of matte-ness, I don't think the sleeve was lined.

I'm really unsure about the neckline. It was definitely lace, but I'm not sure if it was backed. There were several buttons down the front, and they had something shiny (I think a rhinestone) in the middle of each. The buttons stopped maybe halfway down the bust.

The under-layer was ivory, probably satin as well, with a black lace overlay. There was a bunch of random decorative fabric covering the ground, so the hem was difficult to see.

Magazine Scan from

Sketch by Kristinamy

Night Raid Nightgown

This chemise/night gown looks like an empire-seamed gown in a gray-blue cotton or linen, with tiered caps on the shoulders, and a drawstring neckline. The large puffed sleeves are gathered and possibly covered with a narrow binding.

Production Shot

Video Game Clip - Screencaps by Mrulockia

Farewell Gown

El Capitan Theatre Exhibit - pictures thanks to Ceppault

(with colors photoshopped to resemble film colors)