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Submit your Costume!

Here you can chronicle your journey into Narnia costuming for fellow fans and costumers to read! Enter as much information about your finished costume as you would like to share: the pattern you used or drafted, fabrics, trims, sources—and if you have your own site with further information or pictures of your Narnia costumes, link that too! For image uploading sites, try ImageShack or registering at Photobucket—both are free.

Your submission may be slightly edited, but please try to use proper grammar and spelling for best readability. Your chronicle should appear on the site in two weeks or so!

Please contact us with any questions or to amend your existing entry.



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Costume Title

(Such as White Witch Snow Gown or Prince Caspian Battle Outfit)

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Costume Info

The write-up of your costume that you would like to appear on the site—include image links where you wish to illustrate a point, and your website if you like

Extra Images

Separate URL links to images by a comma

Optional Highlight Image Link

This will be a thumb next to your entry as a highlight image; extra images will be links. Please crop images to 100 pixels wide x 200 pixels tall if you have the ability. This image will also go on a rotating image highlighting costumes from the scrapbook on the main scrapbook page.

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