Queen Lucy the Valiant


Formerly on display at the FIDM exhibit! More sketches and notes appreciated (pictures are prohibited). Also, anyone with other images of the dress from the mall exhibits, please contact us!

Cherie's FIDM Exhibit Notes

  • The trim on the dress is beige in color and the embroidery on it is done in silver thread.
  • The bodice has scattered embroidered blossoms on it.
  • The skirt appeared to be slightly mottled in color, perhaps hand-dyed. This may have been due to strange lighting, though.
  • The lower sleeves are orange, the same color as the cloak although different fabric. The lower sleeves are lined in a yellow/gold color. It is a bright orange color that doesn't look so bright on the camera. You may want to tone it down because it looks a bit silly in normal light, at least in my opinion.
  • The cloak was a woven orange color, same as sleeves, lined in yellow/gold. The weave was pretty large and obvious.
  • There are no seams in front! The only seams I could see were ones on each side that ran on a diagonal from about the back of the armscythe down to the bottom side front of the bodice. Here's a sketch of the bodice seam.
  • There are no buttons on the dress [unless there were some in the back], only the clasps for the cloak.
  • The bodice is not velvet.
  • Contrary to popular opinion, the top of the bodice is NOT darker than the skirt. They are the same color. It appears darker because of the contrast between the fabric and the lighter trim. I asked about ten people for their opinions. They all agree, it's the same color.
  • The upper part of the sleeves are made of velvet, slightly darker than the rest of the dress.
  • The cloak has green contrast stitching on it.
  • The trim is about two inches wide except around the neckline where it is about one inch wide. Oddly enough, I couldn't see any places where the embroidery "joined," which would imply that they DIDN'T use one strip going down the front, one strip around the waist, etc. It appeared to be all one piece. I could be wrong on this, but to my eye, there were no seams in the trim.
  • The sleeves consisted of a "lower" orange-colored sleeve WITHOUT a point over the hand. There is a "puff" at the top of the sleeve which is almost completely hidden by the cloak, made of the darker velvet. Then there is the over-sleeve made of the same fabric as the bodice and skirt, lined in green and trimmed the same as the dress. Here's a terrible sketch of the sleeve arrangement.
  • There were no shoes on display, sorry!
  • Alas, the mannequin was wearing the cloak, so I couldn't see the back of the dress

  • I believe the bodice was the same fabric as the skirt, although I could see a very faint pattern dyed on the bodice and could not see the same pattern on the skirt. However, the skirt was in bad lighting and I couldn't see it very well. Additionally, the bodice had those scattered blossoms embroidered on it and the skirt did not. I couldn't tell what kind of fabric it was, but it was pretty thin and light, not like velvet at all. I would say that it may have had a bit of stretch to it because the front had no seams, yet it fit over the bust pretty smoothly. The fabric was not shiny at all, so maybe just a stretch cotton, perhaps a light twill?



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