Susan Pevensie

in Prince Caspian


Night Raid


The blue fabric looks like a soft, plain-woven wool. We also see this probably as the underdress with the purple outfit: see more images and a description of the purple skirt there.


She's wearing the same skirt that she has with her purple outfit; observe the fullness, the split, and the striping, particularly in this image. It's quite possible that the skirt is attached to this blue dress that she wears as an underdress with the purple bodice and sleeves over it. See her purple dress page for theories on layering ("Construction - Layers").

The sleeves of the dress are full and gathered at the wrist, particularly at the outside of the hand, as we can see in this image.

See the cuirass study page for a breakdown of that piece. It's the same as the one she wears with her Battle dress, but under it, she wears a brown leather jerkin or vest that laces across the tops of the shoulders and up the collar. From some images, it doesn't look like it closes at the sides. See the way it's pulling, angled back, in this image.

She wears an etched brown leather bracer on her left arm, and the rings that she wears with her purple outfit.


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