Professor Digory Kirke

"He himself was a very old man with shaggy white hair, which grew over most of his face as well as his head, and they liked him almost at once... but he was so odd-looking that Lucy... was a little afraid of him, and Edmund... wanted to laugh..."

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Production Shots


Mrs. Macready

It looks like the Macready has one outfit. They could be two separate sets of clothes, worn at different times, but it's possible she wears the coat over the off-white dress.

When Mrs. Macready picks the children up from the train station, she wears a tan jacket with notched lapel and buttoned sleeves. The fabric looks like it has a thin stripe pattern. She wears black gloves and a scarf, tucked under the jacket. Her hair is worn in a tight bun, topped with a brown hat.

The off-white skirt could be worn later without jacket, seen as an off-white cotton dress. It appears to be a light print. A belt slips through a loop in the center front waist, possibly of the same fabric. Three large red buttons go up the front of the bodice, below a wide, pointed flat collar. The length seems to be mid-calf.

Over that she wears a rather worn-looking brown button-up sweater, with a large patch for a pocket, with eleven or twelve buttons.

Our guess is she wears the dress under the jacket when out and about in the cart, and dons the sweater in the house.

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