Construction Tips: Cloaks and Capes


There are plenty of excellent commercial patterns for cloaks out there, so for now we won't bore you by listing them. Instead, here are a few of the online references for cloak shapes that will help you make your own or even just decide on a pattern.

    Shape Index and guides

  • SCA Cloak shapes: covers all three basic cloak shapes - rectangular, circular, and shaped
  • Circle cloaks: covers 1/2, 3/4, and full-circle mantles and capes (like the girls' Narnian camp cloaks)
  • Butterick 4320: Yes it's a commercial pattern, but even just looking at the flat shape of cape D will give you an idea of how to make the Pevensies' Coronation capes

    Cape Instructions

  • Philo's Quick Cape: Tutorial for a quick and easily-adaptable cape, drafted by Philo. Pleated-neck rectangular with a mandarin collar.
  • Patternless Practical Cape: Instructions for a gathered-neck, hooded rectangular cape
  • Circle Cloak: Instructions for two lengths - 45" and 60"

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