The White Witch

Inspiration and Art

With so many lovely pieces of original concept art released, illustrating the many forms of Jadis (used or unused), we've decided to add this section back among our White Witch pages. The Weta sculptures below were originally all we had for the White Witch when the site opened in April!


Alexander McQueen Inspiration

Chase wrote to point out the resemblance between Jadis' dresses and this Alexander McQueen dress, from the Fall/Winter 2004 collection in Paris. You can also see this dress at the end of a video on YouTube (skip to the 7:00 marker), or view the clip below.

Isis Mussenden also mentions the McQueen inspiration in this interview.

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Production Concept Art

Concept Art/Final
(Ice Gown)


With long black locks and a shimmery sheath dress, the front of the corset is plated and figured. The crown could have been an inspiration for or an early design of the crown worn with her Polar Battle Garb.  

Rather a warrior queen look.
It appears these are three variants, in lighting and color, of one dress.

This time with a long, off-the-shoulders golden dress with enormous sleeves. Black hair, looks like she may be wearing a fur cloak.
Brilliant red hair, a golden sheath dress and a huge fur mantle with either a stand-up collar or a hood to be worn over the crown.  


Weta Figures

In March 2005, Darkhorse comics released concept images of WETA's Narnian line of Polystone statues. Article here. Notice: below each image is written,"Sample Image Only." Since this is not the final version of the statue, it's likely that it is not the final version of the costume for the movie!

WETA Workshop White Witch Statue ConceptSnow Statue

The most prominant feature of this costume is a lovely white mantle, apparently fur - but it drapes and drips stylistically so that it looks like snow.

Floor length with a train, it has a stand-up collar in back, and the "sleeve" hangs off her shoulder, wrapping around her arm like a shawl. It could be a sleeveless mantle worn languidly.

Underneath, the statue has a simple, slim, floor-length silvery dress, V-necked, with thin straps on the tips of her shoulders. She has a tall icicle crown the color of her dress, and a long wand, as well as reddish brown hair.

Black Ice Bookend

WETA Workshop White Witch Statue Concept This bookend shows the witch wearing a strapless black dress with a sweetheart neckline, with black straps wrapping around from the bust, and a low back or cut out back and sides. She seems to have a black choker at her neck, and it may connect to the rest of the dress in the back. She wears her icicle crown.