Lucy's Coronation Gown


Lucy's coronation gown is a lovely silver white, in some lights looking very pale blue/teal. The dress body is crushed (panné) velvet, the sleeves probably silk satin.

The neck is round, edged about with closely spaced (1/4-1/2"?) small pearl beads in metal flower settings. This is all the way around the neck. They look to be placed on top of a slim blue satin tubing that's been either gathered, or is just folding and wrinkling in between the flowers.

The dress body itself is beaded, with pearl-in-flower-setting spaced evenly in rows of seven, about four to five inches apart horizontally and vertically. The rows alternate, the center front row starting lower than the rows to both sides.

About five inches before the hem is a decorative swirling on the velvet that extends all around the dress, possibly heat embossed. This is embellished with clusters of beads.

As for the seaming: one front piece and two side pieces, two back. The seam falls from the sleeve, at the side, closer to the front, but not princess seams per se. The front and side pieces widen at just below the waist.

The back is closed with at least twenty pearl looped buttons. See this picture for the best shot.

Sleeves, Cape

The satin sleeves seem to be just one part - an upper puff, set in and gathered into the armhole and into a mid-upper arm seam, from which flows a slightly flared sleeve. The sleeves look to be hemmed in a slender self-fabric casing.

During the coronation ceremony, she wears a orangeish red velvet cape, bag-lined in a satin the same color as her dress and trimmed at the neck and edges with a twisted silver cord. The design embossed on the cape is the same as Susan's, a large medallion-like flower, spaced evenly so that about four of the five or six inch medallions span the cape vertically.

The bottom edge of the cape is simply hemmed, with the red velvet overlapping the white lining in about a one inch hem. The cape is fastened with a gold medallion brooch, emblazoned with a lion head.

Lucy wears silver velvet beaded ballet-like slippers, laced over the top. Her hair is worn in large delicate curls.


"The tiara of Lucy is silver and made of tiny laurel leaves, interspersed with yarrow and laurel flowers. Yarrow is a symbol of healing, courage, and love, and we chose laurel for its qualities as a wreath. The laurel flowers are carved from white mother-of-pearl, and the yarrow flowers are gold mother-of-pearl." ~ JCK Online's Jasmine Watson Interview


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Teen Vogue - JUST the cloak and crown (ignore dress)!

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