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Though we get to see very little of Giant Rumblebuffin, he has a star role as a good giant in the book.

Several of the real film shots we have are of Rumblebuffin as stone. However, the video game screencaps below are valuable - the video game costumes are quite accurate. Though perhaps the casting isn't - Rumblebuffin appears as one of the unnamed giants to slay in the Battle of Beruna level!

His short-sleeved tunic looks like a plain woven wool, in a mustard yellow color. The crew neck is cased in a tan trim that extends down a center front seam. The hem and sleeve edges have a decorative overcast stitch. From the video game images, it almost looks like the hem is turned up to the outside and stitched!

The tunic is belted at the waist with a sash of brown-striped, off-white wool.

Rumblebuffin wears dark red trousers and almost knee-high boots. They look to be laced at the inside of the calf.


Video Game Screenshots

Production Shots




The only other image of giants we have. These are in the White Witch's army. A bit more ragged and greasy looking!

Production Shots



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