Prince Caspian Updates

Filming on Prince Caspian ends in August. Understandably, there are few images out. Keep checking back at this location for costume updates and tidbits.

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Ben Barnes Production Blog ~ August 4, 2007

We have a new page for Prince Caspian himself, with 23 new screencaps from the Ben Barnes Production blog. See the video at; Download the iPod version and view through Quicktime player to see a larger resolution version. We also get one or two glimpses of the Pevensies. Look for more images and pages this month.



Set Report - Glenstorm and Aged Armor ~ July 24, 2007

A couple of image-less tidbits from our own glumPuddle and his NarniaWeb set report exclusive, concerning Glenstorm the centaur's costume and aging the Narnian armor:

It was a great thrill to see Glenstorm ... . His hair appeared to be blondish dreadlocks, and he wore only a little armor. Kimberly Adams (Associate Costume Designer) explained that Adamson didn't want creatures being in clothing in this film. "So, pretty much it's the dwarfs, and then everybody else is in armor or nothing. The centaurs are bare-chested or they have armor when they go to battle."

The Narnian armor in this film looks almost exactly like their armor in the first film, except very worn out and dirty. Isis Mussenden (Costume Designer) talked a lot about the tedious work of "aging" the armor. "[The first film] was the dawning of the Narnian armed forces," she said. "Now, it's a thousand years later."

The look of the Narnians was established in the first film. But, designing the Telmarines was a tremendous challenge, and they tried a lot of different ideas. They have drawn on the idea in the book that they are descended from pirates. More on that in a future report.

glumPuddle also mentions that during the duel Peter and Edmund are wearing armor from the first film, and he saw Ben Barnes as Caspian in full armor.



Pevensies' School Uniforms ~ July 24, 2007

In these images we can see the Pevensies, or rather, their stand-in actors, at the shore near Cair Paravel. They are in their school uniforms, in varying states of undress, perhaps for playing in the ocean as in the book.

Peter and Edmund are in gray trousers and white Oxfords, Edmund wearing a blue pullover sweater. Susan wears a knee-length gray skirt with a white blouse, and probably, if we see correctly in the image on the right, a matching gray vest (sleeveless jacket ) as well.

Lucy is wearing a white blouse with what looks like a jumper (or pinafore dress), possibly buttoned at the shoulder, with a bow at the front waist.

See more of the set pictures here.




Telmarine Soldiers ~ July 24, 2007

Our first glimpse of some Telmarine soldiers on horseback. Their helmets look like Spanish morions, perhaps inspired by their pirate ancestry.



Lucy ~ March 9, 2007

Steven Hoffman in New Zealand sent in these pictures of Georgie Henley riding a lovely ebony horse on location.

Georgie looks to be wearing a red dress with matching leggings, boots, and what looks to be a white vest. In other images, though, it could even be a steel cuirass (armor). This would probably be the "thrown together" outfit that the Pevensies get from the royal treasury at the ruins of Cair Paravel.