Susan Pevensie

in Prince Caspian


Battle Outfit


The skirt and sleeve fabric was originally thought to be a velvet, based on this image. However, from more images it's plain that it's not. The best shot of the fabric is probably in this image: it looks like a woven wool of some kind, looking soft and felt-ish. Perhaps a wool twill? The color is a deep red crimson.

The underskirt shows at one of the splits in this image, and draped over her knee in this image. It's a paler red fabric, looks like it may be a silk; it has a bit of sheen to it.


The red dress is probably princess seamed: you can see one of the back princess seams toward the hem in this image, and the two splits at the front of the dress are probably on princess seams. The splits are hem to mid-thigh high.

The velvet skirt is quite full, and has a wide design of gold embroidery or perhaps gold leaf at the hem. See Danceler's nicely rendered patterns below—with some higher res images after the fact, it's apparent that the actual design has more details, as expected, but she's nailed the shapes.

The sleeves end just at the elbow.

Mail and Armor

The hauberk is mid-thigh length at the front and back, in a V-shape, and split up the front and back, but not the sides. Sleeves are wide and just past the elbow, like the dress. The chain mail is whip-stitched with leather on a "seam" of sorts that extends from the underside of the sleeves over the torso, but we don't see it below the cuirass.

The gray velvet collar is fully lined with a stiff leather, and it's whip-stitched together on the top edges and directly to the chain mail neck.

For the leather armor she wears over the mail, see the cuirass study page for a breakdown.

On her left forearm she wears a diamond-shaped red leather bracer with a section of set in, decoratively carved ivory in the same style as her quiver and horn. The bracer is to guard her arm against the bowstring which might scrape it when she fires an arrow. It's only wide enough to cover half the circumference on her arm, at the inside. It straps and buckles to itself twice, with a separate guard strap converging from the strap closest to the hand. This strap extends up and around her thumb. She carries her bow and quiver.



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