The White Witch
The Look:
Accessories and Weapons


Tilda Swinton - image originally from Newsweek

"Her face was white - not merely pale, but white like snow or paper or icing sugar . . ."

While perhaps not that white, her face is definitely pale and slightly grey, mostly from a lack of makeup! Some lipstick, usually very pale though. Her eyes are shadowed in a shimmering silver in the turkish delight and ice castle scenes; image.

This is either reflecting the firelight at the Stone Table, or her eyes are lined in a reddish tint.

In her battle garb, she has a great makeup effect - her eyelids are shadowed in a dark red/black, a lighter and more transparent red lining her eyes and forming lion-like corneas.


Her hair is a dark brownish blonde, slightly warmer than "dishwater" blonde, and worn in dreadlocks; Swinton compares them to "roots." The hair appears to melt in some way, in a similar evolution as her crown.

At first we see her hair arranged in a softer look, twisted at the side of the head with the hair falling about her shoulder, worn with the Turkish Delight Gown.

For the next three gowns, her hair is swept back unnaturally in place, as by wind, and topped with her Ice Crown. Next, for the Parley and the Stone Table, we see it swept back still, but not like roots - not curled or matted in any way. It's bound up the ends twisted around the end of the cone shape.

Later we see her hair straight and streaming, bound up in a crown-like battle helmet, worn with her chain mail Battle Garb.

Ice Crown

Her ice crown consists of a mass of icicles fused to her hair. According to USA Today, the cicles are eight inches at their highest point.

The crown, by the parley, is depleted to nine cicle stubs. Whether there are nine spires or whether those are completely melted, we don't know.


She wears a full length white mantle (it's been suggested that this is of white fox) with the Turkish Delight Gown and probably her Sleigh gown. It's possible this also doubles as a throw for her throne when she's not wearing it. Note the way the the separate piece drapes over the throne arm; it's made without side seams. She tucks this around Edmund when in the sleigh for the first time.

With the Ice Gown, she wears a small white stole that wraps around her neck and shoulders only, laying on the neck of the gown, and draping off the back like an icicle.

With her Smoke gown, she has another white fur mantle, similar to her full-length, but shorter. The edges of the furs thin down to essentially strings at the end of the mantle.

Later she exchanges it, still with the Smoke Gown, for a coat of badger pelts, worn when gathering her troops.


Jadis carries her wand with almost every costume: another impressive Weta work.

All together, it looks to be about 2 - 2 1/2 feet in length. See this image for an enormous full length prop shot.

One one tip is a diamond/crystal shape, much like an arrow head. Directly below that is the two-hand sized handgrip, black with gold etchings. On either side extends rest of the wand, gold with ridges and etchings. At the other tip, we see a crystal blade that tapers to a fine point, though not sharp on the horizontal edge.

She carries the wand both directions: crystal pointing out, and blade pointing out, which makes us wonder if the wand is used for dual purposes - turning to stone with the smaller crystal, and an execution or "motivation" every once in a while with the blade tip...

Jadis also carries two swords at the battle.