Prince Caspian
Battle Outfit

For the battle Caspian wears a Narnian mail hauberk with a coif under his brigandine. His weathered, hardened leather pauldrons are three-piece, with an etched design on each—glumPuddle mentions in his set report that the design was a lion head. They look rather like the centaur pauldrons of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, which may suggest that they're borrowed from the current Narnian army, and not custom-made by dwarf-armorers as in the books.

He wears some kind of mandarin collared garment under the mail, which shows up at the neck, under the vambraces, and below the brigandine opening. His suede or leather trousers are different from the ones worn with the main outfit: they do not button up the sides, and are a darker grayish brown tone.

He wears leather or suede gauntlets in a mustard brown color. In one image he's not wearing them, leaving them tucked into his belt.

His hard leather vambraces are similar to his pauldrons. They attach with two straps-and-buckles under the arm.

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"...I've escaped from Miraz's castle, so I'm in my Telmarine outfit. And then I slowly become slightly more 'Narnianized.' As we move towards the battle, I end up with this kind of great mix of the two types of outfits. Some of my armor is the same as the Telmarine army, which kind of highlights the fact that I'm fighting against what are essentially my own people, which is quite a hard thing, I think."
~Ben Barnes in glumPuddle's Costumes Set Report



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