Lucy Pevensie

in Prince Caspian



School Uniform

Lucy's classic school uniform consists of a knee-length gray gymslip that buttons at the shoulders. It looks like four pieces: front neck yoke, back neck yoke, and front and back skirt. The front and back skirt have three box pleats. A sash is at the waist, either of the same fabric, or a knit (the ends are fringed). It's tied in an overhand knot.

Underneath this is a white oxford blouse and a navy-and-yellow striped tie. Over the shirt and pinafore dress is a red V-neck cardigan sweater with black buttons. Her burgundy blazer has the school badge pinned on the breast pocket. In Narnia she sheds the tie, sweater, blazer, and her gray knee socks and black shoes.

Her hair is in two plaits (braids), tied with gray ribbons.


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Gold Treasure Chamber Dress
Write-Up by Meltintalle

It looks like Lucy pulls this dress out of one of the chests in the Treasure Chamber. We don't know if she will wear it or not, but it is a lovely dress fit for a queen.


It looks like the surcoat is a crushed velvet, looking pink on some monitors, on others a coral-tinted gold. The oversleeves are rather stiff, perhaps a silk taffeta; seen also in the underdress and trimming the edge of the surcoat? There is a third fabric for the undersleeves and band of trim at the hem of the surcoat.

Construction - Layers and Details

Brown undersleeve. Gold oversleeve, comes to a point at approx. knee/calf level. Surcoat hem hits the knees in front, then slopes down in back. Gold plush shawl-type drape pinned where it hits the surcoat trim seams with large sun-shaped (lion head?) brooches.

The oversleeves are trimmed with a silver braid, which may ornament the cuffs of the brown sleeves as well. The surcoat hem guard is edged in white, and the silver braid may be visible on either side of that as well. The surcoat is laced with white cord.

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Red Narnia Outfit

Rust-Red Skirt and Sleeves, Silver Bodice and Gray Cloak



Coronation Dress

There's a pretty clear shot in the Illustrated Companion that shows this dress. From the screencaps from Mrulockia below, it's apparent that it's not as brilliantly pink as it appeared in that image—it's really more of a dusty rose color. Looks like silk satin, possibly empire-waisted, with a full skirt, looking rather unfitted and free. The neck is round, with possibly some embroidery on the bodice.

There's an upper sleeve that's a bit fitted to the arm until mid-upper-arm, then there's a full lower sleeve puff that's gathered at the wrist and either is a full sleeve under the upper sleeve, or is gathered and attached to the upper sleeve.

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Farewell Dress

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Ground-length overdress in a very dark green fabric, embroidered and beaded in a pink floral pattern. The neckline is a slightly sloped square (similar to Susan's PC coronation dress) and gathered at the center front. The dress closes in the back over a pale green modesty panel in the same fabric as the sleeves, not lacing but tying at least twice with bows. The close-fitting uppersleeve is of the same fabric as the main dress.

The pale green lowersleeve is a stiff bell shape and is gathered into the upper sleeve at about the same place as the trim on her Rust Red dress.

Gold trim accents the neckline and transition on the sleeve. There is gold piping at the shoulder seams, and about a quarter inch away from the lacing in back, piping runs vertically along a small seam.

The skirts spread out stiffly in an Elizabethan fashion, hinting at petticoats or hoops.

She wears a necklace and has her hair done in two pigtail braids, then tied together in back with inch wide gold or pale green ribbon.

Sketch Area

Sketch from Memory by Meltintalle

Sketch from Memory by Meltintalle