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Welcome to the NarniaWeb costume site! We're your source of information on costumes from the award-winning films The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, Prince Caspian, and The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, currently in post production and set to release this December. To say nothing of the four films after that.

Delve into the research and contribute your own observations or findings, join the discussion at the NarniaWeb Costume Forum, or just browse the images and costumes. You can also see the creations of your fellow Narnia fans in our scrapbook—costumes for cosplay, conventions, Halloween, premieres, and "lion" parties around the world.

Just don't shut the door on your way in. It is very foolish to shut oneself up in a Wardrobe; ask anybody you like.



Recent Updates

June 28: More trailer updates, including Edmund's English clothes and Narnian outfits, Eustace's English clothes, Susan's Narnia dress, Lucy's English clothes and Narnian outfit, and I've added images and studies for Coriakin and the Dufflepuds!

June 18: Trailer updates! If you haven't seen it already, check it out. We have new screencaps and updated pages for Ramandu's Daughter (Lilliandil), Caspian (including better shots of that new red coat added recently), and Lucy.

June 16: Caspian has a new costume, a red coat, added to his Dawn Treader page. Susan's Purple Dress study from Prince Caspian has been thoroughly updated with information and new high-res screenshots. The best part is the beautiful pictures from the FIDM exhibit last year—it turns out the dress has a matching red and gold cloak not included in the film!

The Dawn Treader trailer comes out tonight at midnight, 12:00am Thursday, PST!

June 5: An overdue update on Susan's Farewell dress from Prince Caspian, with high-res screencaps and a full study. The Dawn Treader trailer releases in two weeks—stay tuned for pictures and costume breakdowns!

May 27: Two new pages—one for Ramandu's Daughter and one for Susan, who has a cameo in Dawn Treader in a lovely '40s dress.

May 22: Caspian's and Edmund's pages have now been updated with new Dawn Treader images and costume studies—four for Caspian, three for Edmund.

Also, have you seen the new poster? Ramandu's Daughter makes a small appearance! She's surrounded by so much light it's hard to see what she looks like, but she appears to be wearing a white, sleeveless, empire-waisted dress.

May 13, 2010: I've added a full study on Lucy's Dawn Treader outfit—discuss this outfit on the Costumes forum! Also, a new page and study for Gael, otherwise known as the Mysterious Little Girl.

September 10: Our first Dawn Treader updates! We have new pages, with set pictures for Eustace's English clothes and Dawn Treader outfit, Lucy's borrowed Dawn Treader outfit, shirts of Edmund's and Caspian's, the Dawn Treader crew and Drinian, Governor Gumpas' outfit, plus Narrowhaven inhabitants, including a few Calormen.

Also, a template for the daffodils on Susan's purple dress from Prince Caspian has been added!

And have you been to the new NarniaWeb yet? Check out the revamped forum, too, and come join the Narnia costume discussions again!

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