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in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader



English Outfit

Here we see Eustace in his English outfit: dark brown pleated trousers with braces (suspenders), a white or tan-colored Oxford shirt with a three-button placket, and a pullover v-neck sweater. The sweater is goldish tan with a brown diamond design.


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Dawn Treader Outfit

His Dawn Treader outfit consists of a white shirt (not the same one he wears with his English outfit above, as previously thought), a blue-grey velvet button-up waistcoat with a v-notch neck. The front closes with buttons and loops. The front edges, around the neck, and the armholes look to be bordered about half an inch in with corded piping in the same fabric. The waistcoat is topped with a wide brown belt, tooled and burned with darker designs. You can make out the shine of a couple of stones or studs on the belt at the center of some of the designs.

He has slightly loose-fitting brown trousers, probably suede, and tan leather boots.

Trailer #1

Set Pictures




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