The Crew

in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader



Crew Members

Though the crew uniform varies, probably according to position, the basic outfit looks to consist of a loose white shirt with dropped shoulders, the body of the material gathered into the wide, self-bound neck. The large sleeves are gathered at the armscye and cuff. From this image it's apparent that the shirts have a buttoned placket at the back.

They wear red vests (waistcoats) which appear to be velvet. The neck and front edges are bound with leather. There is no separate piece for a sleeve cap on most. There is one center back seam, and the shoulder seam sits behind the top of the shoulder, angled down from the neck. The neck is scooped and, Telmarine style, wraps across itself and buttons to the right side.

Over the waistcoats they wear simple two-toned belts that tie at the back.

Their trousers are blue velvet—much like what Lucy wears, but with no visible embellishment. It looks like they might be pleated at the waist, front and back—see here and here.

They wear red felt caps, much like berets.

There are two differently dressed crew members in the pictures below, however: the gentleman who appears here, and here without his cap, and this man here.

They both wear red trousers, with blue waistcoats and caps, in very much the same cut as the rest of the crew, but there are some differences. The first man's waistcoat looks to be edged with the same fabric as the rest of the waistcoat, trimmed with a thin cord along the seam. The second man's waist coat is bound at the neck and front edge with a wide strip of matching blue fabric. Both have separate pieces for sleeve caps.

Crew Member "Extras"




From what we see of Drinian, he wears a fancier double-breasted waistcoat with two columns of buttons and either a pointed collar or lapels. The fabric isn't velvet like the rest; the fabric has a print, and the rolled collar or lapels are faced with a matching silk. He has sleeve caps made up of several layered bands.

Drinian's white shirt buttons at the front, unlike the shirts of the rest of the crew.


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