King Caspian

in the Voyage of the Dawn Treader



With a comparatively limited ship wardrobe, it looks like Caspian wears pieces of his outfits in different scenes. However, we can't determine where each outfit or outfit pieces go in the chronology from the set pictures and even from the trailer shots, so naming the costumes is a bit difficult. Expect changes.


Swim Rescue Shirt

Caspian wears this when he rescues the Pevensies and Eustace in an early scene. He's wearing a loose shirt in a tannish salmon color, at least in this lighting. The shoulder seams are dropped, and the sleeves are gathered into the armscye and cuff. The back of the shirt is gathered at the center into the neck. The collar appears to be rolled, but it's also wet so it may be a mandarin collar that's just flopped down.

Since he's apparently sopping wet here, it looks like someone fetches him a truly royal dark blue velvet cloak or cape, lined with crushed silver velvet.

Trailer #1

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Purple Shirt

It looks like Caspian wears elements of this outfit at different times throughout the film.

He wears just the shirt, trousers and belt when practicing swordfighting with Edmund on the ship (check out the set video at NarniaWeb). At another time, he wears it underneath a brownish velvet tunic. The best shots with the velvet tunic—which we can't post here for copyright reasons apparently— show Caspian, the Pevensies and and the crew in small boats, possibly approaching Narrowhaven. At another time, on the Dawn Treader, he wears the outfit with another layer—a reddish coat with gold trim.

He also wears the shirt at the end of the world—we see him rowing out amongst the lilies with Edmund, Eustace and Lucy in the trailer.


The maroon/purple fabric of the shirt has a subtle sheen to it and looks somewhat crisp—probably a cotton, maybe a cotton sateen. The body of the shirt is gathered directly into the mandarin collar at the back, and the sleeves are gathered into the armscye and into a small band at the wrist (less than an inch wide).

The front slit extends to mid-chest and closes with three purple looped buttons. A line of embroidery stitches in a darker purple thread border the collar and neck opening, topstitching the facing. The facing is stitched again in a simple running stitch about an inch out from the opening.

He wears taupe-colored trousers with two knife pleats on each side of the front, stitched into the wide, high waistband we can see in these shots—usually covered by his wide belt. In the latter image you can see the trousers lace at the back of the waistband for an extra snug fit—they seem to lace through two pieces of leather.

The belt is dark leather with subtle etched designs and gold rivets. It has a narrower leather strap that wraps, possibly from his left side, across the main belt and buckles at the front. He wears leather boots that come up a few inches below the knee.

Velvet Coat

When he wears his velvet coat, the belt is worn over the tunic, shirt, and trousers. The velvet is more brown than maroon. It wraps and buttons to his right side, Telmarine-style, with a shallow, rounded square neckline, his purple shirt and collar showing.

The sleeves are long and full, pleated into a long cuff (though not into the armscye). They're slit open the length of the sleeve, from armscye to cuff, at the thumb side of the arm.

The edges at the neckline, sleeve slit, and front closing are finished with a dark narrow binding.

Red Tunic

Just three shots of this coat with the outfit. It's dark red, possibly a jacquard, though it's hard to tell, with gold trim up the front edges and the mandarin collar, forming frog-like loops below the neck (as in the closure, not the amphibian). It's sleeveless, worn over his velvet coat, purple shirt and belt.

Set Picture from the Official Facebook Fan Page for Tony Nixon (Rynelf)

Trailer #1

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Seeing Lilliandil Outfit

Can you think of a better name? Shirt with ruffled/shirred collar, long sleeveless coat with a horizontal wavy weave.

Trailer #1




Brown Outfit/Coat

We can't tell what scene this goes with, so we shall stick it in the middle here. The trousers and shirt look to be cut very much along the same lines as the outfit above.

The trousers are brown, and look like they might be pleated in the front. His shirt is a lighter tan brown, a plain weave. The collar and front placket edges are overcast in a darker brown thread, which is also used in the running stitch about an inch out, around the neck opening, which appears to button twice.

The open, knee-length leather coat looks rather like a duster. We can't tell a lot about the shaping from the images we have, but in this shot we see a center back seam. We can see the lining of the coat in this shot, the fabric a darker color in the same tone as the shirt. The long sleeves are split from just a few inches below the armscye to the cuff.

It also has a collar and sleeve caps. Three fine, close rows of topstitching finish the front edges, the collar, and the sleeve slit (topstitching could be over a binding in the same leather, it's hard to tell), as well as the seam joining the collar.


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The outfit starts with red velvet trousers with gold leaf or gold embroidery and buttons up the sides (reminiscent of the trousers with his main outfit from Prince Caspian), and an off-white/tan shirt. The shirt's full sleeves are gathered into the armscye and a very wide cuff that buttons closed at the wrist (look at his left hand in this shot). It also appears to button at the neck, as with his other shirts.

His armor, which exactly matches Edmund's, consists of a leather gorget at his neck, and over that a molded leather cuirass—breastplate and backplate each made up of about four leather lames (pieces riveted together for greater flexibility). The cuirass extends a short distance below the belt, flairing slightly. It's almost identical to the crew-issued cuirass, except the embellishments and studs are gold rather than silver.

The breastplate and backplate buckle at the side, as we can see from observing Edmund's cuirass in these two shots; the buckles and straps at the side are attached to the front and back plate with 1-2" long ornamental gold pieces. The cuirass is topped with a gold-embellished red leather belt that buckles in the front.

He wears etched gold plate armor: vambraces—they appear to be almost full-circle, buckling under the arm—and matching four-lame pauldrons.


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