Edmund Pevensie

in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader



English Clothes

This is probably the first outfit Edmund wears in the film, in England trying to enlist. We don't know for certain that he wears the Oxford and trousers we see in Eustace's room under his brown overcoat, but Lucy's outfit is the same, so it seems likely.

He wears a heavy brown double-breasted overcoat with top-stitched, notched lapels. There are buttoned tabs at the wrist (no cuffs), and one across the back waist. He has two flap pockets, one on each side, and at least one vertical welt pocket, possibly, a little higher than his left flap pocket (look just to the left of his left elbow in this shot). The coat has four rows of top-stitching at the hem. He wears a brown/tan knit scarf and a brown flat cap.

His white or pale blue cotton Oxford shirt has two box pleat flap pockets. His trousers are dark—they look black in Eustace's room, but brown with the overcoat.


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Blue Outfit

It looks like Edmund wears this outfit early on—it's probably his first costume change. However, he also wears pieces of it at different times throughout the film. In the trailer, Caspian, Edmund, and Lucy look like they're exploring the Dawn Treader, and Edmund is wearing the full outfit: shirt, waistcoat, and coat. In a boat approaching Narrowhaven (in set pictures we can't post for copyright reasons), he wears just the trousers, shirt and waistcoat. Practicing swordfighting with Caspian and rowing the boat to the Utter East, he wears just the shirt, trousers, and belt.

The shirt is pale blue, probably a plain weave cotton. The shirt is gathered into the collar at the back. It closes with two or three buttons and loops up the front.

The full sleeves are box-pleated into the dropped shoulder seams, the pleats embellished near the armscye with two or three rows of a zig-zag embroidery stitch. The collar, neck opening and wide cuffs are finished with a blanket stitch in a dark blue thread.

He wears tan trousers apparently identical to Caspian's and a wide tooled leather belt.

He wears his sleeveless waistcoat in the aforementioned images we can't post, but also, it appears in this shot. In the other shots we get a bit of detail, but not much more. It's only waist-length, tucked under the belt. The color is hard to describe. It looks like a jacquard weave with faded colors of tan, gray-blue and red. We can see some sloping shaping seams in the back, and sleeve caps. If this the same waistcoat—which seems likely—it buttons all the way up the front.

We're not completely sure if this is the same outfit or not. The shirt seems to be, and the sleeve caps indicate it's the same waistcoat, as does the color, but we can't see the entire neckline to confirm the buttons. This is also another mystery outfit we're placing with this one until we can find out where it goes.


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Trailer #1



Coriakin's Island Outfit

In this shot Edmund wears his blue shirt, discussed above, and his leather cuirass, discussed below.

We can pinpoint this outfit with some certainty; Caspian and the crew all wear their leather cuirasses over their shirts on Coriakin's Island, though they are not in full armor.





Edmund wears this outfit when the ship strays into the night of Dark Island, and at other times, it appears, from the set images.

Not counting the colors of the shirt and trousers, Edmund's outfit here matches Caspian's exactly.

Ed's loose shirt is off-white, lighter than Caspian's, with full gathered sleeves, front placket, and collar. His trousers are brown, with a reddish tint in at least one shot.

The armor consists of a leather gorget at his neck, and over that a molded leather cuirass—breastplate and backplate each made up of about four leather lames (separate armor pieces that are riveted together for greater flexibility). The cuirass hangs a short distance below the belt, flairing slightly. It's almost identical to the crew-issued cuirass, except the embellishments and studs are gold rather than silver.

You can see where the breastplate buckles to the backplate best in these two shots. The buckles and straps at the side are attached to the front and back plate with 1-2" long ornamental gold pieces. The cuirass is topped with a leather belt, not quite as fancy as Caspian's.

He wears etched gold plate armor: vambraces—they appear to be almost full-circle, buckling under the arm—and matching four-lame pauldrons.


Trailer #1

Trailer #1

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