Susan Pevensie

in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader



Blue English Dress/Blouse

Blue fabric with a floral pattern—look closely, the flowers are Susan's signature flower, daffodils! Six shank buttons in a color that matches the center of the flowers down the front. Sleeves gathered into the armscye. The collar might be one piece with the rest of the dress, and it looks like it might be shirred. There is a blue flower pin (a lily as well?) or some other form of decoration on the left front.

Even though we can't tell what the rest of the outfit looks like, we can guess by looking at vintage patterns:

DuBarry 2492 - has a similar sleeve
Butterick 9154 - similar neckline, possibly
McCall 4994 - an example of a similar brooch

Promotional Display



Narnia Dress

Didn't expect this one, did we? We have no idea when or where she wears this dress.

We can't pin down the fabric, or even the color, really, because of the lighting. Looks like a dark gray, possibly greenish gray, but it could be a plum color, it's hard to tell. Looks heavy, possibly a wool, maybe a wool felt.

The scoop neck is bordered in a wide band of embroidered fabric or brocade—looks like a leaf pattern. We can just see about ten vertical pintucks or pleats just below the band.

Could it be something more like a cloak or a coat than a dress? (If it is, those could be pleats rather than pintucks.) Just look at the way it's folding and draping below the shoulders. Either that or the shoulder seams are dropped—we might be seeing one dropped off her right shoulder.

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