in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader



Our first shots of dufflepuds from the trailer! They're positively adorable: they wear a short knee-length trouser (after all, they're not trousers, nor a pair of trousers—they only have one leg!), long-sleeved shirts with small cuffs, and flared, open waistcoats. They carry small axes and pikes or spears.

Beginning from the left (with the dufflepuds positioned as they are in the first frame): the orange dufflepud wears a red trouser with a vertical green stripe (see this image). His waistcoat is orange with bands of three horizontal green stripes (this image), and his shirt is off-white.

To his right is a less noticeable dufflepud with a light blue shirt, green trousers and green waistcoat.

The Chief Dufflepud, next in line, is a bit more well-dressed. He wears a tan trouser, a waistcoat (greyish blue?) that closes up the front, and an open purple coat with long fitted sleeves.

The next dufflepud wears a brown trouser, off-white shirt, and purple waistcoat.

The last dufflepud we see is far in the background. He wears a white shirt, a red waistcoat trimmed with gold at the hem and sleeves, and a red trouser, also trimmed at the hem with a band of gold.


Trailer #1