The Lone Islands

in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader



Governor Gumpas

Gumpas's outfit is ornate and pretentious, but also looks a bit dusty, with an interesting "patchwork" quality that perhaps says something about the way His Sufficiency governs. His costume clearly reflects Telmarine influences, but also seems to indicate that trade with Calormen has also effected clothing on the island.

Now for a breakdown of layers, starting with the loose olive green shirt which we can see at the neck, gathered into a mandarin collar.

Over this, a tunic-type garment with a low neck that wraps and probably fastens to itself at his left side. The main fabric is a moss green, and from the way the sleeves look, it might be silk taffeta. This tunic is edged at the neck with a wide band of brocade fabric in a brownish color, which extends down the front edge where it joins the other side, but does not continue to the edge. From this image, it looks like it breaks about 6-7 inches up and continues in a different fabric, this time a greenish blue with a different print. This greenish blue trim continues to the side seam at his right, where it abruptly changes to another trim, brown on a tan/gold background with patterns that run horizontally.

On Gumpas' right side, the tunic has a broad square patch of brown fabric in a print that looks to be laid out in a diamond pattern. The patch continues around the side and to the back.

Over the tunic he wears a leather belt with a large metal buckle on the righthand side (which echoes the medallion hanging from his beads which we see here and here), and a connecting strap over his right shoulder.

Over all this he wears a large, loose, olive green coat—at least knee length at the back, probably longer. Looks like a wool brocade. The sleeves are split at the elbow, along the seam at the top of the arm. The neck of the coat has a "yoke" in a solid matching color.

His turban is in a fabric similar to his coat. It's wrapped and twisted at the right, with string somehow wound into it. The turban sports a feather on the left side.

Gumpas wears plenty of jewelry. At the neck wears a metal medallion, which hangs from one of the multiple strings of white beads. He wears a bracelet on his left hand of white beads as well, and a ring on his left hand. Looks like he might be wearing an earring in his right ear.

He wears heavy tan trousers—probably wool—and tall boots.


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We see a couple different cultures and status levels here reflected in the costume styles; wealthy slave traders, commoners or slaves, and even a couple Calormen!

With the wealthier-looking men, we can readily see the Telmarine influences on the styles here—as with the first man, who is rumored to be Pug—with some wearing Calormen turbans.

The last two images show two men we assume to be Calormen.

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