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The Costume Chronicles

Welcome to the Costume Chronicles, the community scrapbook of The Wardrobe Door. Here you can share pictures and and reports of costumes you've made, and see the handiwork of your fellow Narnia costumers!

Chronicles are arranged chronologically, starting with earliest submissions. Enjoy!


in Prince Caspian

QueenNellie's Family


Everyone dressed up for our Prince Caspian Party. Jim and I were Queen Nellie (Helen) and King Frank from Magician's Nephew again, Jimmy was Prince Caspian in blue leather bradded armor, Andrew was Peter in brown tunic with embroidery and laced on sleeves, Erin was Susan in purple dress with daffodil inset, and Caitlin was Lucy in her rust dress. Good friend Sherri came as Trufflehunter the badger.

Susan's Dress detail
Caspian's Armor
Caspian's Armor 2
Lucy's Dress
Peter's tunic


Lucy's Rust Red Dress


I made Lucy's blue camp dress for the opening of the first film and I wanted to make a dress for the opening of Prince Caspian as well. I settled on this one because I realized that I had most of the fabric for it already. The fabric isn't exact, but I think it gets the point across fairly well.

I couldn't find a pattern that was close enough to what I wanted, so I took bits from both McCall's 4107 and Butterick BP206 and then altered them till they looked right. The over dress bodice is made out of some 20 year old, synthetic something-or-other my Mom had, the sleeves and skirt I made out of a heavy weight cotton that, in a former life, was a pair of curtains. For all of the back lacing, neckline trim, and armbands I used various colors of embroidery floss, and the under dress is made out of some satin I got at Joann's for $1.50 a yard!

I think the shoes are my favorite, though. I altered an old shoe pattern my Mom had, so they looked like Lucy's shoes from the first film. (I couldn't find a picture of her shoes from Prince Caspian, but I guessed they would be fairly similar to her shoes in LWW) I made one pair that matched the dress (for inside) and a pair out of leather (for outside). I really like the leather ones. They fit like gloves!

Image - spinning

Lucy's Rust Red Dress


I made Lucy's Prince Caspian Rust Red Dress for my cousin for the Prince Caspian premiere. I'm really pleased with how it turned out. I tried to added lots of little details for authenticity like the French knots and the back lacing. Read my Costume Blog for more details about construction.


Susan's School Uniform

Keepipeep The Mouse (NarniaWebber Mrulockia)

Well, my costume was all put together without being sewn at all....Blazer and shoes from goodwill, shirt from C.J. Banks, Skirt and socks from target, and the ties is one of my dad's old ties. Here's a picture.


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